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Office Master OM5 Ergonomic Chair

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Office Master OM5 Ergonomic Chair
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Product ID : OM-OM5
Manufacturer: Office Master Chairs

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The Office Master OM5 Chair is a progressive ergonomically designed office chair created to fit a wide range of users without the hassle of adjusting levers or knobs. The OM5 features Body-Activated Motion (BAM) which means this gorgeous chair intuitively responds to your body and movement, making it an excellent choice for multi-user situations. The OM5 chair is impressively simple featuring modern curves paired with clean lines without compromising ergonomic comfort and function. Customize your OM5 to fit the look of your decor.

The Office Master OM5 chair's flexible, PolyFlex back provides the exact level of support, in all the right places, for optimal back support and comfort. A lack of levers and locks allows the chair to move with you, promoting better circulation and reducing fatigue. A Flexible waterfall edge on the seat front supports your thighs without pressure or pinching.

OM5 Resources:


  • Overall Width: 27"
  • Overall Height: 37"-42"
  • Back: 18"W x 21"H
  • Seat: 19.75"W x 17x18.5"D 
  • Seat Height: 16"-21"
  • 300lbs user weigth capacity
  • PolyFlex Back provides firm or soft support as needed
  • Body-Activated motion
  • Virtual Pause/Lock
  • Variable Back Resistance - rollers in the seat and back respond with more or less resistance to recline
  • Front Edge Waterfall Flex - adjusts to each user's thigh length and range of motion needs
  • Designed by:  Francisco Romero of Phidesign


Build Quality

Build Quality

The manufacture of Office Master office seating is conducted under the highest industry standards with careful attention to detail and individual inspection of each and every unit. This chair was made for functionality and has Variable Back Resistance (VBR). VBR means there are 5 rollers in the seat and back that are like the engine of the chair that respond with more or less resistance to recline. One wheel specifically is located in the j-bar. The j-bar is the most functional part of the OM5 and is the backbone of the chair. The Body-Activated Motion keeps the seat angle constant and allows the back to open further which provides better circulation for the user and a healthier way to sit.



Frame Options: 

Frame Options

Black or Grey


Arm Cap Options: 

Arm Cap Options

Arm Caps

Choose from 3 different arm caps. *Images show arm top movement.

  • 5-way arm cap: smooth fore-aft, side-side, inward pivoting arm caps
  • 6-way arm cap: ultra-adjustable, omni directional arm top
  • 6-way arm cam w/ lockable arm cap: ultra-adjustable, lockable arm top.



Cylinder/Height Options: 

Cylinder Options

Cylinder Options

Choose from 5 different cylinder styles to go with your black or silver base:

  • Standard Height / Black Cylinder (5") - Seat Height: 16"-21"
  • Standard Height / Chrome Cylinder (5") - Seat Height: 16"-21"
  • Short Height / Black Cylinder (4") - Seat Height: 14.5"-18.5"
  • Tall Height / Black Cylinder (5") - Seat Height: 18"-23"
  • Tallest Height / Black Cylinder (6") - Seat Height: 20"-26"


Base Options

Base Options

Black or Polished Aluminum Base



Color Swatches

Upholstery Options (click to enlarge)

Basic Grade 1:
Basic Black
Basic Blue
Basic Burgundy
Basic Charcoal
Basic Gray
Basic Navy

Celestial Grade 1:
Celestial Callisto
Celestial Europa
Celestial Hyperion
Celestial Oberon
Celestial Rhea
Celestial Titan

Spice Grade 1:
Spice Juniper
Spice Mint
Spice Nutmeg
Spice Paprika
Spice Pepper
Spice Sesame

Product Reviews

Warranty and Shipping

All OM5 Series structural components (including gas cylinders, metal and plastic parts) as well as control handles are guaranteed against structural failure for a lifetime limited warranty under normal commercial use and to the first purchaser. 

For all models, consumable items (i.e., casters, glides, etc.) are covered by a 5-year normal commercial use warranty.

FABRICS AND FOAM OM in-stock upholstery & foam cushions are covered by a 5-year normal commercial use warranty. Normal wear and tear on fabrics such as wrinkling, dirt accumulation or gathering is not covered. Natural, minor variations may exist in color, surface, grain or texture of upholstery materials. As a result, any such variations are not warranted. COM/COL and graded-in fabrics are not covered.


Upholstery Options

Upholstery Options

The OM5 chair is available in 3 different Grade 1 fabrics. The Basic fabric is made of 100% marquesa lana and comes in Black, Blue, Burgundy, Charcoal, Gray, and Navy. The Spice fabric is made of 100% recycled polyester and comes in the colors Juniper, Mint, Nutmeg, Paprika, Pepper, and Sesame. The Celestial fabric is made of 100% polyester and comes in the colors Callisto, Europa, Hyperion, Oberon, Rhea, and Titan.

PolyFlex Back

The back on the OM5 has a PolyFlex back. Tailored slat lengths, spacing, and attenuation in the back membranes work in concert to provide firm or soft support, where and as needed. The OM5 also has variable back resistance. Depending on the user’s body position, rollers in the seat and back respond with more or less resistance to recline, promoting healthy motion and lower back support. Customize your OM5 chair with any 3 color options for the backrest. The PolyFlex backrest comes in Modern Black, Palladium Grey, and Arctic White.

PolyFlex Back

Seat Comfort

Seat Comfort

The seat on the OM5 has the perfect balance of not too thick and not too thin. Because the seat cushion is not overly thick, it provides all day comfort. The OM5 has a front edge waterfall flex which adjusts to each user’s thigh length and range of motion needs. Pulling up on the front edge of the seat adds seat depth to help adjust the seat to your body. There are no nobs making this chair completely intuitive. Whether you are working in your office, or gaming at your desk, the OM5 provides the ultimate comfort for all tasks.


Sitting is a dynamic activity, best addressed by a chair that recognizes a person’s natural tendency to readjust throughout the day. OM5’s intelligent design addresses the multitude of positions and postures people assume while sitting. The OM5 has an intuitive adjustment system called the “Body Activated Motion”. The backrest will freely recline, and the seat will move out and up slightly to help maintain good posture. Instead of having a chair that you manually adjust to make it more ergonomic, this chair is responsive, adjusting based on your position and weight. This chair quietly offers a range of ergonomic features including virtual pause, variable back response, front edge waterfall flex, etc.






All OM5 Series structural components (including gas cylinders, metal and plastic parts) as well as control handles are guaranteed against structural failure a lifetime limited warranty under normal commercial use and to the first purchaser. Casters and Office Master in-stock upholstery items have a 5-year commercial use warranty. Standard commercial use is defined as the proper usage for one single shift, a total of 40 hours or less per week and by persons weighing 300lbs. or less for the OM5 Series, unless otherwise specified by Office Master.

About Office Master

Founded in 1986, Office Master Inc. has grown from humble origins in San Diego to become an experienced and established, mid-market seating manufacturer dedicated to serving the long-term seating needs of large and small businesses, institutions and organizations. From day one though, their core mission and philosophy have remained the same: To solve everyday seating needs with our value-based, and ergonomics-focused Smart Seating Solutions.



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