CPU / Computer Holders

Chances are your computer is one of the most valuable objects in your home.  The intrinsic... read more »
Chances are your computer is one of the most valuable objects in your home.  The intrinsic value of a CPU may only be a few hundred dollars, but the contents that it contains are often priceless.  If you have important information on your computer, you need to take steps to protect it from harm.  Leaving your computer unprotected can expose it to dirt, dust, and spills that reduce its lifespan and operating efficiency.

Wheels and casters.  In the event that you have to move your computer to a different part of the room, it is a good idea to have a computer holder with fully-rotating wheels.  This can help you avoid the risk of dropping your CPU during transit.

Adjustability.  Different CPU models have slightly different dimensions.  You may have several computers during the long lifespan of your CPU holder, so it is important to be able to easily expand it if necessary.

Desk attachments.  Certain types of CPU holders can actually attach to the underside of your standing desk.  This style of holder offers the highest degree of protection from dust and spills, since it gets the computer well off the floor.  These kinds of computer holders are easy to install, and are a great choice for most computer owners.

Ability to swivel and rotate.  The ports and connections on the back of your CPU tower should remain accessible at all times.  Reaching the back of your computer can be simpler than ever when you place it on a swiveling or rotating CPU mount .