VertDesk v3 Troubleshooting

VertDesk v3 Voice Control Tutorial (iOS)

VertDesk v3 Reset Video

If your desk has recently lost power it will automatically go into a reset mode. In this mode the desk will move downward until the desk is reset. In this video we will show you how to reset your VertDesk v3.

VertDesk v3 F05 Error

If your desk is showing an F05 reading on the digital readout on your programmable switch, that is the gyrosensor being triggered. The gyrosense technology is set very sensitive to detect soft collisions. If your controller is doing this without a collision, it could be an error. In this video we show you how to change the sensitivity of your gyrosensor to better suit your desk setup.

VertDesk v3 Container Stop Videos

If you would like to customize the minimum and maximum height settings of your VertDesk v3, these videos will show you how to properly set up container stops. We will also show you how to turn this feature off.