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Active Desk Chairs and Healthy Seating

Rock, sway or wobble your work day away by adding active seating to your work space! Active seating options move when you sit on them, so instead of statically staring at your computer screen all day you have to work to maintain your balance and position.  This is done through actively engaging your core and other muscles which also promotes good posture.  Plus active seating may provide some of the same health benefits of standing, such as lowering your blood pressure and reducing your risk for other health concerns. Switching up the way you sit will also add some pizazz to a height adjustable desk and allow you to have more fun than your coworkers can handle! You like fun, right?  Then you definitely want to give active seating a shot.

Product ID : SAF-4750XX
Sale Price: $192.40
Product ID : SAF-PIVOT
Sale Price: $279.00
Product ID : VIA-1-MUV
Sale Price: $599.00
Product ID : NG-1864
Sale Price: $671.42
Product ID : NG-1864DS
Sale Price: $696.00
Sale Price: $699.00
Product ID : VIA-SWUS
Sale Price: $739.00
Product ID : VIA-30800
Sale Price: $1,395.00