Custom Humanscale Freedom Chair with Headrest in Fabric or Vinyl

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*New* Custom Humanscale Freedom Chair with Headrest in Fabric or Vinyl - 74 Color Options
*New* Custom Humanscale Freedom Chair with Headrest in Fabric or Vinyl - 74 Color Options
*New* Custom Humanscale Freedom Chair with Headrest in Fabric or Vinyl - 74 Color Options
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Manufacturer: Humanscale

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freedom quickship

So advanced it’s simple. Designed to compliment any space and integrate effortlessly into the modern office, the Freedom chair offers comfort, style and complete ease of use. Created by Niels Diffrient and winner of more than 10 design awards, the Freedom chair uses the laws of physics and the sitter’s body weight to provide instant, custom support for every sitter. This perfect balance allows the user to effortlessly move, but be fully supported in each position. As a result, users change postures often, which leads to a more healthy and comfortable sitting experience.

*Please note that custom Humanscale chairs are made to order and cannot be returned.

Humanscale Freedom Resources:


  • Designed to fit 95% of the office population (5’0” - 6’4” height, 100 lbs to 300 lbs weight)
  • Weight-sensitive, self-locking recline mechanism with 20 degrees of movement
  • Automatically pivoting backrest with seven-degree back tilt
  • Synchronous arms attach to the back frame with 5.85” vertical adjustment, adjusting seat level for up close work at a desk
  • Arm length: 8.8” with 19” distance between each synchronous arm
  • Contoured cushions with waterfall edge and Coccyx cutout reduce pressure on lumbar and thoracic spine
  • Modular design
  • Handle on back of chair for easy maneuvering
  • Dimensions: W: 26.75” x D: 17.40“- 19.85” x H: 48.2”- 53” (height adjustment range)
  • Weight: 34 lbs without arms, 38 lbs with arms
  • Dynamic headrest with 5” vertical adjustment
  • Designed and assembled in the United States
  • Please note that custom Humanscale chairs are made to order and cannot be returned.


Build Quality

Build Quality

Humanscale’s ergonomic chairs are designed to look as good in ten years’ time as they do today. The textiles attach to the cushion without adhesives, which prevent wrinkling over time and is better for the environment. The arm caps feature a separate foam insert so they will not tear. The plastics have texture to prevent scratching. Humanscale goes to great lengths to ensure all the components of the chairs hold up to wear and tear. This chair was built with fewer parts to help make an impact on the environment. The Freedom chair has pioneered the use of gel in seat cushions because gel doesn’t compress, it supports the sitter’s body and maximizes comfort over many hours.




Frame Options


Frame Colors

Frame color refers to all metal parts (back support, arm supports). Choose from 3 frame options:

  • Graphite (comes standard with graphite base)
  • Titanitum (comes standard with titanium base)
  • Polished Aluminum with Graphite Trim (comes standard with polished aluminum base)



Base Options

color options                                                      

Base Colors

Choose from 3 base options:

  • Standard Matching Base (will match frame option)
  • Power-coated Aluminum Base (on Graphite or Titanium frame)
  • Polished Aluminum Base (on Graphite or Titanium frame)



Seat Pad Options

Seat pan                                                      

Seat Pad Options

Choose from 2 seat pad options:

  • Standard Foam Seat Pad
  • Gel Seat Pad (only available with fabric)



Cylinder Options: 


Cylinder Height Options

Choose from 3 cylinder options:

  • Standard cylinder 5": 16.125"-20.25"h
  • Tall cylinder 5": 17"-22.35"h
  • 3" Return to height cylinder: 17.7"-19.9"h



Caster/Glide Options


Casters and Glides

Choose from 4 caster options:

  • Standard Hard Casters
  • Soft Casters
  • Locking Casters
  • Glides



Arm Options


Arm Options

Revolutionary armrests move in tandem to eliminate uneven arm positioning. Natural lift and release action for immediate repositioning without button or locks. Attached to backrest so arms stay in same relation to body during recline. 6" range of vertical motion to acoommodate all users and tasks. Advanced Arms have the same adjustmesnt features as the standard arms, but additionally feature lateral motion to push armrest outward/inward. Choose to have no arms or from 8 arm options:

  • Standard Duron Arms: Standard or Gel
  • Standard Arms with matching Textile Cover: Standard or Gel
  • Advanced Duron Arms: Standard or Gel
  • Advanced Duron Arms with Textile Cover: Standard or Gel


Color Swatches



Upholstery Options (click to enlarge)

Corde 4 Grade 1: Designed with a four-way stretch, Corde 4 provides sitters with ultimate comfort as they adjust positions. Its intricate weave structure, dimensional surface and wide array of neutral and vibrant shades are visually appealing and engaging to the touch.
Dark Brown
Deep Violet
Medium Grey
Parma Red
Fourtis Grade 1: Fourtis is a four-way stretch fabric that easily conforms to our cushions for the ultimate in comfort and flexibility. While still adjustable, its satin crepe weave structure is highly durable and creates a strong, high-performance fabric.
Lotus Grade 1: Ideal for healthcare and hospitality environments, Lotus features water-repellent and easy-to-clean properties. Lotus has strong nylon backing and a polyurethane texture, bolstering its resilience and endurance.
Earth Red
Lucky Red
Ginkgo Grade 2: Composed of 90% wool, Ginkgo offers a pleasing texture and durability. Its subtle and elegant pattern makes this textile appropriate for a variety of environments. Ginkgo comes in vibrant and saturated colors, expanding the scope of Humanscale's upholstery line.
Harvest Orange

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Warranty and Shipping

Humanscale Chair Warranty - Covered for 15 Years, 24/7 Warranty

Shipping Information (more details here)

This item includes free shipping in the contiguous United States.


Upholstery Options

Upholstery Options

This Freedom chair comes in 46 color options in four different fabric choices. Choose your perfect upholstery from these options: Corde 4, Fourtis, Lotus, and Ginkgo. These fabric options offer fabrics that are recycled polyester, durable nylon, water repellent, wool, and renewable merino wool. Find the perfect fit for your office with the numerous fabric choices that this Freedom chair offers.

Back Comfort

The Freedom chair has a backrest that is also made to contour to your body. The cushions are sculpted to closely follow body contours, which increases contact and decreases concentrated loads. Freedom’s responsive pivoting backrest automatically adapts to the changing needs of your spine during recline. The backrest, along with the headrest, may be independently positioned to fit your exact body size by moving them up or down. With Freedom’s revolutionary counter-balance mechanism, your weight automatically balances the force required to recline the chair. Without cumbersome knobs or levers, and with no manual adjustments, Freedom makes active sitting effortless.


Seat Comfort

Seat Comfort

Feel comfortable all day on the Freedom’s contoured seat cushion. Contoured cushioning supports you where you need it while allowing users to individually position each part of the office chair to fit the body. These cushions increase contact area on the thighs to reduce pressure points. Choose from either the standard foam pad, or upgrade to the gel seat pad. Adjust your depth front to back, and height up or down to find your perfect fit. It’s truly comfortable, customizable sitting, your way.


The Freedom chair was designed specifically to encourage frequent spontaneous changes of posture. There are no locks and no tension springs to negotiate. In their place are elegant mechanisms that automatically support your body in every position you’ll assume throughout the day. The backrest is responsive and adapts to the changing needs of your spine, while the headrest adjusts to cradle your head and neck as you recline. Freedom’s body-friendly gel armrests move up and down together and stay with you during recline. Adjust your cushioned seat’s height and depth to fit your body. With the Freedom chair you can feel what better ergonomics can do for your work style just by changing up the way you sit.






Humanscale Freedom Chair has an excellent warranty. The fabrics, arm pads and cushions have 5 years of single-shift use. All other components have 15 years of 24/7 use.

About Humanscale

"My idea was that, instead of sitting down and reaching for a lot of controls, that you would sit on the chair, and it would automatically balance your weight against the force required to recline." - Niels Diffrient, Designer Eager to create a truly ergonomic chair that adjusted to the user automatically, Niels Diffrient created Freedom, which allows the sitter to change postures effortlessly. Replacing the traditional recline mechanism with a weight-sensitive one, Diffrient’s Freedom chair revolutionized the way people sit.



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