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**NEW** VertDesk v3 Electric Sit Stand Desk - Butcher Block Top w/ Voice Control

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VertDesk v3 Electric Sit Stand Desk - Butcher Block Top w/ Voice Control
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Manufacturer: BTOD

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Now introducing the world's first standing desk with Voice Control! Voice control now comes standard on every VertDesk! Easily adjust the height of your VertDesk v3 hands-free! The best value in standing desks just got even better with the VertDesk v3 with Butcher Block Top adjustable desk. Our real wood tops are handcrafted in hardwood made from Wisconsin Maple trees. With it's impressive edge and finish, the butcher block VertDesk v3 takes this series to the next level.

Please note that all Butcher Block Top VertDesk v3 desks are made to order and cannot be returned. Once production has started this cannot be cancelled.




  • Only available in 30" depth options
  • 48", 60", and 72" width options available
  • Voice Control - Watch the Tutorial
  • Best in class adjustment speed of 1.55" per second
  • Everyday lifting capacity of 275 lbs.
  • Push button control for easy height adjustment (one-touch programmable available)
  • Large height adjustment range of 27" to 47.5" (1/2" with leveler glides)
  • 1" Thick Maple hardwood from Wisconsin trees
  • Plugs into standard 110 outlet
  • Control box and motor are UL approved
  • 10 year warranty on frame - 7 years on electronics - 2 years on wood top
  • Note:  Hardwood tops are now pre-drilled (1/16/19)



Steel Frames

Stability Starts With a Solid Foundation

The VertDesk v3 was engineered with one thing in mind, stability. Our focus through the entire process was building the most stable standing desk on the market. In order to achieve this we needed to build a stable desk from the ground up.

Utilizing steel columns that are on average 30-40% thicker than the industry average, we are able to significantly reduce sway that commonly occurs at standing height. The use of permanent welds to connect our feet and upper surface supports eliminates potential loosening of bolts in these key areas. Lastly, the four bolts that connect our frame and steel cross support include Loctite and locking star washers to ensure they stay tight.

Precision Spindle Gears

Our VertDesk uses premium bevel gears and spindle drives that are typically found in desks retailing for more than $1,000. The VertDesk’s gear and spindle systems are designed and manufactured by Ketterer Gears in Germany. Ketterer got its start more than 180 years ago, when Benedikt Ketterer founded a clock making factory in 1832.

All Ketterer gears are cold rolled and case hardened for added durability. Creating a precise gear ensures that your motor is working at its highest efficiency. This precision comes with years of experience and the difference is obvious when you manually adjust their gears. For the past 25 years, Ketterer has been making height adjustment mechanisms for office and workshop systems, so you can rest assured knowing the VertDesk’s gear and spindle system was made by one of the leaders in the industry.



Precision Spindle Gears

High-end Single Motor System

High-end Single Motor System

Like our gears, the VertDesk’s single motor system is from Ketterer. As the saying goes, quality over quantity, and that is the case with the single motor we use on the VertDesk. Through testing we’ve been able to average over 1.5” per second adjustment speeds. With a 275 lbs. capacity, there is more than enough lifting power for most office setups. During lab tests we’ve taken the overload control off our desk to get a sense of how much it could lift. After loading it to 360 lbs. we decided we’d rather not break anything. The good news is the VertDesk v3 had no issues lifting that high of a load, we just wouldn’t recommend doing it daily.

Dupont Derlin Glide System

Creating a desk that is stable and effectively moves through transitions over the course of a lifetime is directly linked to its glide system. Because this part of your standing desk is susceptible to high-friction, using a material that can hold up well to high cycle counts is paramount to its success. Dupont Delrin acetal homopolymer resin thermoplastics are known in the industry as the go to material for this exact type of application. The VertDesk v3 features five sizes of Dupont Derlin glides, allowing us to get the perfect fit when marrying two columns together.


Dupont Derlin Glide System

Single Piece Anti-Wobble Steel Cross Support

Single Piece Anti-Wobble Steel Cross Support

Just adding a cross support doesn’t guarantee that your next standing desk will be laterally stable. The cross support needs to be a single piece construction, with the proper height to create an effective X pattern between the four bolt connection to your frame. Each of our VertDesks comes with an “Anti-Wobble” cross support system that was designed for maximum effectiveness.  We prevent your new standing desk from swaying, whether empty or fully loaded, so you can stay focused on your work, instead of a wobbly desk.



VertDesk Dimensions Model

VertDesk Dimensions Key


Grommet Options:

Grommet model

Grommet key

Grommet key

Grommet basic

Grommet Basic Key

Grommet Example

Grommet Key

Grommet Info

Grommet Example

Button Options: 

Standard Button
Standard Button-(included)

The standard button allows for easy adjustments with a push of the up and down button. The standard button does not have a programmable option.

Programmable Digital Button

Programmable Digital Button

The Programmable button allows for the desk to be raised or lowered to 4 different positions. It comes with the option to turn on the one-touch functionality. Simply press and release one of the four presets, the desk will move to the preset height automatically.


Casters (optional)

Comes with 2 locking and 2 non-locking casters. These soft casters don't scratch surfaces, such as hard wood floors.
Size: 1.5" diameter

Casters Example




VertDesk v3 Resources: VertDesk Accessories Explained Here

Single Basic Monitor Arm

Single Basic: HS1111 Details

  • 12 3/4" tall post mount system
  • Most vesa compliant monitors up to 32" will fit
  • Weight Capacity up to 22lbs
  • Built-in internal cable management: cables route neatly

Single Premium Monitor Arm

Single Premium: HS3101 Details

  • Easy to adjust 12" tall spring operated arm mount
  • Most vesa compliant monitors up to 24" will fit
  • Weight Capacity up to 22lbs
  • Built-in internal cable management: cables route neatly

Dual Basic Monitor Arm

Dual Basic: HS1221 Details

  • 12 3/4" tall post mount system
  • Most vesa compliant monitors up to 26" will fit
  • Weight Capacity up to 22lbs per monitor
  • Built-in internal cable management: cables route neatly

Dual Premium Monitor Arm

Dual Premium: HS3221 Details

  • Easy to adjust, dual 13 1/2" spring operated
  • Most vesa compliant monitors up to 26" will fit
  • Weight Capacity up to 22lbs per monitor
  • Built-in internal cable management: cables route neatly

Basic Keyboard Tray                         

Basic Keyboard Tray: EVS17S Details

  • Single knob adjusts height and tilt
  • 5.5" of height adjustment
  • -15°/+10° tilt adjustment
  • Spring assist for tilt and height adjustment
  • Will not fit 24" deep VertDesk v3

Premium Keyboard Tray

Premium Keyboard Tray: ESCFP17/S Details

  • No knob or lever needed for height adjustment
  • 6" of height adjustment
  • -20°/+0° tilt adjustment
  • Low profile design maximizes knee space
  • Will not fit 24" deep VertDesk v3

Trackless Keyboard Tray                

Trackless Keyboard Tray: ETLF Details

  • Fits 24" deep desk tops
  • No knob or level needs for height adjustment
  • 5.73" of height adjustment
  • -15°/+10° tilt adjustment

203 CPU Holder                          

203 CPU Holder: 203 CPU Details

  • Adjusts to fit: 5"-8"W x 9"-18.75"H x 14" D
  • Fixed under desk
  • Uses 16 gauge steel to secure CPU
  • Powder coated finish for added durability
  • Supports up to 40 lbs

Hanging Steel Box/File Cabinet              

Hanging Steel Box/File Cabinet

  • Overall Size: 16.625"H x 12.25"W x 14.75"D
  • Available in silver or black to match desk frame
  • Full extension drawer slides
  • Box and file drawer are central locking

Mobile File Cabinets              

Mobile File Cabinet: 55106 Details

  • Overall Size: 24"H x 17"W x 21.25"D
  • On casters for easy mobility (2 lock for stability)
  • Scratch resistant paint finish w/ steel frame
  • Box and file drawer are central locking

Swivel Pencil Drawer                   

Swivel Pencil Drawer: 300PTB Details

  • Dimensions: 14"W x 8"D x 1"H
  • Swivels and stows underneath desk
  • Includes scotch tape dispenser
  • Perfect for pencils, pens and paper clips

Under Desk Sliding Pencil Drawer            

Under Desk Sliding Center
Pencil Drawer: 
100PDB Details

  • Steel ball bearing slides
  • Five compartments
  • Constructed of sturdy black plastic
  • Drawer Dimesions: 21 1/4"W x 16 1/8"D x 1 3/4"H

    Wire Management Tray                                            

    Wire Management Tray

    • Organize and hide excess wires
    • Attached to desk top
      • 36" tray does not include access
        hole at the bottom of the tray

      Wire Management Box                                             

      Wire Management Box

      • Multiple channels
      • Each Opening is 3.130" 
      • Organize and hide excess wires
      • Attached to desk top 

        Wire Management             

        Wire Management

        • We recommend using w/ power strip
        • Route cables from desk to floor
        • Easily attaches to the underside of the desk
        • Quickly install or remove the cables inside
        • Keep the cables segregated from each other

        Power strip              

        Power Strip: PSSM-6-2 Details

        • We recommend using w/ wire management
        • Flanges create fast and easy installation
        • Includes 2 charging usb plugs
        • Includes 6 grounded power plugs
        • UL rated

        Standard Button

        Standard Button-(included)

        • Easy adjustments with push of up & down button
        • Does not have a programmable option

        Programmable Digital Button

        Programmable Digital Button

        • Raise or lower to 4 different positions
        • Option to turn on the one-touch functionality
        • Press and release one of the four presets
        • Desk will move to the preset height automatically



        • Optional 2 locking and 2 non-locking casters
        • Soft casters that don't scratch surfaces
        • Size: 1.5" diameter

            Product Reviews

            Warranty and Shipping

            VertDesk™ Warranty Information

            VertDesk™ v3 products shipped after 9/27/19 are warranted to be free of defects due to manufacturing or material as follows: 7 years on gears and/or motors, including control box and switch; 10 years on support brackets, columns, and feet; 2 years on the surface. VertDesk™ will replace any defective part after inspection by an authorized agent. Costs incurred due to product replacement such as installation, labor charges or transportation are not covered under this warranty. 

            Shipping Information

            This item includes free shipping in the contiguous United States. (more details here)


            Voice Control

            Take Control Of Your Desk

            Now with optional Voice Control, easily adjust the height of your VertDesk v3 without pressing a button. The new VertDesk App allows you to program 4 one-touch preset heights that you can use within the app or with a simple voice command. If you're looking to become more active in your office, the app also features Activity Assistant. This setting allows you to set the frequency of notifications that send reminders when to sit or stand throughout the day. To use the voice control feature, you don't even have to be in the app. All you have to do is tell your device one of your pre-recorded commands and your desk will move to your desired height, hands-free.

            Protecting What Is Most Important To You

            Featuring the latest GyroSense technology, the new VertDesk electronics have incorporated a gyro sensor in their control box for better detection of soft collisions. Prior to using this technology VertDesk v3 utilized software driven collision avoidance systems. While these were fairly good at stopping hard collisions, they were not able to effectively detect soft objects. The VertDesk v3 is one of the only standing desks in the mid-range to feature a hardware driven collision avoidance system.


            Collision Avoidance


            Program Your Favorite Positions (Optional)

            One-touch functionality now comes standard with all programmable switches. No longer will you have to press and hold your button for the desk to reach a desired height. You can first program one of the four preset heights, then you are able to press and release the programmed button. The desk will move up or down to your selected position.


            Load Up Your Desk, We’ve Got You Covered

            VertDesk is one of the few standing desks in its class to offer an overload protection system. With a standard lifting capacity of 275 lbs., you don’t have to worry about accidentally overloading your desk. Once the desk has reached max capacity it will automatically shut down, preventing any damage from occurring. While most competing products are finding new ways to advertise higher weight ratings, we have a solution that will provide years of service and protect your investment.



            Overload Protection

            Container Stop

            Container and Shelf Stop System

            Do you have furniture in your office that sits below your desk or just above the surface? The best way to prevent a collision is a container and shelf stop system. This functionality allows you to customize your desks adjustment range. With our container and shelf stop system you’re able to quickly program your desks lowest height and maximum height position; once programmed your desk will only operate within your custom height range.



            Three Frame Finish Options

            The VertDesk v3 is now available in three frame finish options. Black and silver are available in all of our current size options. Our newest white finish is only available in select frame sizes. All frames are powder coated with an extra durable finish that hold up well to years of use.


            Frame Colors


            Finish Color

            Butcher Block Surface

            Are you looking to add a statement piece for your office to impress your guests and coworkers? Our butcher block desktop is durable and has a smooth finish that will make your workspace look sophisticated. This authentic 1 inch thick butcher block top adjustable desk is handcrafted in Wisconsin from Maple trees.


            Standing Behind Our Products

            We hope you never have any problems with your VertDesk, but if you do...enjoy peace-of-mind knowing we've got you covered. Our standard warranty includes 10 years over coverage on the frame, 2 years on the desktop and 7 years all electronics (switch, motor and control box).



            5/10 Year Warranty