Humanscale M10 Heavy Duty Monitor Arm - Holds Up To 48 lbs.

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Humanscale M10 Heavy Duty Monitor Arm Silver
Humanscale M10 Heavy Duty Dual Monitor Arm Silver
Humanscale M10 Heavy Duty Dual Monitor Arm Black
Humanscale M10 Heavy Duty Monitor Arm Black
Humanscale M10 Heavy Duty Dual Monitor Arm Polished Aluminum
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Product ID : HUM-M10
Manufacturer: Humanscale

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Introducing the new Humanscale M10 monitor arm. Designed for durability and flexibility, the M10 aids in efficiency, wellness and comfort in the workplace. This sleek monitor arm keeps desktops free of cords and clutter to give you more usable desktop space. Perfect proper ergonomics by easily adjusting the monitor arm, which in turn, will support better posture and health. Featuring Humanscale’s patented Weight-Compensating Spring Technology, Smart Stop, and Counterbalance Indicator, the M10 allows users to personalize and evolve any desktop.

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  • Weight Capacity: 20-48 lbs
  • Height Adjustment: Up to 12”
  • Arm Style: Angled Link / Dynamic Link
  • Two-Piece Clamp Mount Base
  • Warranty: 10 years, 24/7
  • Rubberized Cable Management
  • Weight-Compensating Spring Technology for height adjustment
  • Built-in Counterbalance Indicator
  • Patent-pending Smart Stop 
  • Patent-Pending Quick Release Joints


Build Quality

Build Quality

The thoughtful design of the M10 was made with longevity in mind. The reduced cost of ownership makes this arm the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective, arm to assemble and adjust for any additions or changes in the future. With such a robust arm, the M10 holds up to 48 pounds of weight and guarantees the monitor arm will last for years.


Humanscale’s monitor arms are shipped unassembled to help reduce packaging size which saves resources, energy, and shipping costs. The M10 is built with non-toxic materials and their heavy-duty design guarantees that the monitor arms will last for many years. Humanscale considers the impact of their products on people both during manufacturing and while they’re in use.






Number of Monitor Options: 


Monitor Options

  • Single Monitor Arm: Clamp Mount, Angled/Dynamic Links, Standard Tilt, Vesa Cover
  • Dual Monitor Arms: Crossbar and Handle, Two Piece Clamp Mount

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Warranty and Shipping

Humanscale Chair Warranty - Covered for 10 Years, 24/7 Warranty

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This item includes free shipping in the contiguous United States. (more details here)


Color Options

Color Options

Humanscale’s M10 features two different monitor arm options with the choice of 3 different colors. First choose from whether you’d prefer a standard monitor tilt for a single monitor or dual monitors with a crossbar and handle. Both monitor arm options come in your choice of 3 different color combinations. Choose from polished aluminum with white trim, silver with gray trim, or black with black trim.

Effortless Movement

The M10 monitor arm allows users to easily adjust their monitor(s) with its compensator mechanism and self-lubricating precision bearings. With this monitor arm, it is simple to adjust the monitor to the best ergonomic position any user. Additionally, this monitor arm top-to-bottom cable management to keep your desk looking neat and clean. The M10 with crossbar and two piece clamp mount comes with a handle that allows the user to easily make adjustments to their monitors.

Effortless Movement

Smart Stop

Smart Stop & Counterbalance Indicator

M10 features patent-pending Smart Stop allows users to modify the rotation of the arm, meaning it can stop each joint anywhere along its rotation. The Smart Stop features was designed to prevent monitor or arm overhang on the desk edges to protect any surrounding equipment. Built into the arm is a Counterbalance Indicator which counterbalances the monitor weight before you install your monitor to avoid any additional computer setup expenses.

Flexibility & Efficiency

Keeping desktops free of cords and clutter can make for an efficient workspace. From easy installation with the Quick Release Joints to the simple adjustability, this monitor arm is the perfect fit for any user looking for something foolproof. The M10 monitor arm will bring efficiency, wellness, and comfort to any office.






Humanscale offers an excellent warranty on the M10 because they ensure this durable arm will last you years before it needs to be replaced. The warranty on the M10 monitor arm is 10 years of 24/7 use.

About Humanscale

Located in the New York City headquarters, Humanscale Design Studio is a powerhouse of designers, engineers and prototypists from around the world. The team also regularly collaborates on projects with acclaimed industry figures. Abiding by the philosophy that good design achieves more with less, the team specializes in solving functional problems with simple, efficient designs. A holistic approach is taken to ergonomics, with the user experience and interaction with the product front of mind. The design team’s award-winning innovations are backed by their thorough research into workplace trends and by working closely with Humanscale's in-house team of ergonomics consultants.



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