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Humanscale Diffrient Smart Chair - Quick Ship

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Humanscale Diffrient Smart Chair - Quick Ship
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Diffrient Smart

Featuring a unique linear design, the Diffrient Smart chair is ideal for any high design environment. Created with Humanscale’s revolutionary Form-Sensing Mesh Technology, Diffrient Smart’s tri-panel backrest fits like a perfectly tailored shirt to provide exceptional lumbar support. Using Humanscale’s weight-sensitive, self-locking recline mechanism, Diffrient Smart automatically adjust to each sitter and provides perfect support to any posture.

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  • Supports user height range of 5’0” – 6’4” and weight range of 100 lbs – 300 lbs
  • Seat Cushion Measure: 19.25” wide, 2” thick
  • Width: 26.5"
  • Height: 39” - 43.25”
  • Seat Depth: 16.25” - 18.75”
  • Chair Weight: 34 lbs with arms, 31 lbs without arms
  • Seat Width: 19.25"
  • Seat Height: 16.5” - 20.75”(from floor to compressed front center of seat cushion)
  • Backrest Height: 22.5"
  • Backrest Width: 19"
  • Tri-Panel non-stretch Mesh Technology on the Backrest
  • Recycled Content: 39% post-consumer, 23% pre-consumer
  • GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality and GREENGUARD Gold Certified
  • ANSI/BIFMA level® 2 certified


Build Quality

Build Quality

There was a lot of thought that went into the design and build quality on the Diffrient Smart. The Smart chair was designed to be a sleek option for high-design environments. Neils Diffrient envisioned this chair as a great task chair for modern, active workspaces. The Diffrient Smart was designed to look attractive, but it is also made with good components. There is a lot of plastic on the chair, but it is high-end injection molded plastic. This plastic is strong where it needs to be, but also flexible in areas where it should be. The plastic helps to keep the weight of the chair down, which is noticeable when compared to other chairs. Humanscale also incorporates texture into their plastics which helps to prevent it from scratching. Along with the injection molded plastics, there is also die-cast aluminum parts with powder coat. The mesh is also breathable, which helps to keep you cool while you work.



Color Swatches

Diffrient Chair Quick Ship Seat Color Options

Corde 4 - Designed with a four-way stretch, Corde 4 provides sitters with ultimate comfort as they adjust positions. Its intricate weave structure, dimensional surface and wide array of neutral and vibrant shades are visually appealing and engaging to the touch.



Fourtis - Fourtis is a four-way stretch fabric that easily conforms to our cushions for the ultimate in comfort and flexibility. While still adjustable, its satin crepe weave structure is highly durable and creates a strong, high-performance fabric.


Product Reviews


Upholstery Options

Upholstery Options

The seat upholstery on the Diffrient Smart is commercial grade and has been tested to exceed 150,000 doubles rubs so they are built to last. Designed with a four-way stretch, Corde 4 provides sitters with ultimate comfort as they adjust positions. Its intricate weave structure, dimensional surface and wide array of neutral and vibrant shades are visually appealing and engaging to the touch. Fourtis is a versatile and sustainably-crafted performance textile. Inspired by the Latin word fortis, meaning strong, this fabric is the ultimate ratio of durability and flexibility thanks to a unique weave offering four-way stretch. This inventive construction allows Fourtis to closely conform to Humanscale’s ergonomic seat cushions so end-users can feel fully supported as they move in their chair. 

Back Comfort

The backrest has a built-in curve for your lumbar area. The curve in the back is very pronounced and the mesh is really flexible. It is designed in what Humanscale calls a “tri-panel” mesh backrest. This creates three different zones in the backrest, which helps it to conform to the specific person that is sitting in the chair. The mesh allows you to sink into the back and then the pressure of the mesh flexing will provide the support you need. Along with providing good support, the mesh is also breathable, which helps to keep you cool while you work. The backrest has a pivot function that is independent from the recline. This gives the backrest a bit of “wiggle” so it will adjust to your back position, without you having to recline at all.


Seat Comfort

Seat Comfort

The seat on the Diffrient Smart is fairly large and does not have any bolsters or a pronounced frame. This makes the seat feel very spacious. The outside edges of the seat are rounded so it is comfortable to use the entire seat. The seat pan is made from a flexible plastic. This gives the seat a bit of flexibility to move with you while you work. The seat is padded with 2” of foam and provides a sea seat that’s not too hard, and not too soft. Contoured seat cushions that closely follow the body’s shape and finished with a waterfall edge to offer long-term comfort, reduce pressure points and provide weight distribution.


The Diffrient Smart chair was purposely designed with only a few functions. The idea behind the chair is to have a minimalist design that requires only a couple adjustments for you to be comfortable. Humanscale wants you to be able to get in the chair and be comfortable and ready to work right away. The Diffrient Smart chair comes standard with two adjustments: seat height and seat depth. When you recline the backrest, the seat moves but it does not keep you in the same position to simply rock back. Instead, it pushes the back of the seat up. The idea is to open your hips as you recline, which is thought to be an improved posture to the standard rocking motion.






Humanscale covers the Diffrient Smart chair for 15 years. The warranty covers the chair for 24/7 usage and for people up to 300 lbs. The upholstery, foam and arm pads are an exception to this coverage. They have a coverage period of five years and are covered for usage periods of eight hours a day and 40 hours a week. One aspect about Humanscale’s warranty, that separates them from a lot of other brands, is they will make on-site repairs for you, if you are located near a Humanscale authorized dealer.

About Humanscale

"My idea was that, instead of sitting down and reaching for a lot of controls, that you would sit on the chair, and it would automatically balance your weight against the force required to recline." - Niels Diffrient, Designer Eager to create a truly ergonomic chair that adjusted to the user automatically, Niels Diffrient created Freedom, which allows the sitter to change postures effortlessly. Replacing the traditional recline mechanism with a weight-sensitive one, Diffrient’s Freedom chair revolutionized the way people sit.



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