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Sitmatic Pogo Standing Desk Stool - Outlet - Non Returnable
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Manufacturer: Sitmatic

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sitmatic pogo

Now get the outlet Pogo for a discounted price! They are like new and include the full manufacturer warranty. Very limited stock available. The Sitmatic Pogo may look like your everyday stool, but don't let it fool you. This seat is quite unique. Built atop an industrial coil spring, POGO moves with you. Lean and perch, left and right, the seat follows. The fingertip lever under the seat adjusts the height to change into new postures and for micro breaks. Because you are sitting higher on Pogo, there's also the benefit of an increased hip angle. Activation of your core muscles and a more naturally curved spine are the result of this sitting style. It avoids the risk of back pain caused by disc pressure as a result of our pelvis being pulled under us which is common in traditional sitting. This product is perfect for sit-to-stand work stations and that active and healthy office lifestyle. (*Outlet items cannot be returned. Price can be combined with coupon code.)

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  • No returns on Outlet Products
  • Price can be combined with coupon
  • Seat Size: 14” Diameter

  • Seat Thickness: 3”

  • Seat Padding Thickness: 2 ¼”

  • Standard Seat Height Range: 27” – 37”

  • Base Dimensions: 15” Diameter

  • Weight Capacity: No Limit

  • Chair Weight: 29 lbs.



Optional Rubber Base Pad

Rubber Base Plate

The Pogo comes with a non-skid rubber base plate that ensures you are safe and secure. Point the directional indicator towards your workplace and lean. The base plate is surrounded by a styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR). This type of rubber is most commonly found in tires. It was chosen by Sitmatic for its longevity but also because it performs well on both carpet and hard surfaces. 

Build Quality

The Pogo® is Made in America and it is composed of high quality components. The base, spring and column are made from steel that makes them feel thick and strong. The base plate is surrounded by a styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), which is most commonly found in tires. It was chosen by Sitmatic because of its longevity but also because it performs well on both carpet and hard surfaces. The Pogo® has pneumatic seat height adjustment. Sitmatic uses PressureCast™ foam cushions. This is a molded foam product, which is superior to cut foam. The process in which molded foam is produced makes a much more consistent product because each individual piece is molded to the exact specifications instead of cut foam coming off a larger piece. Frame and Spring come in either black or silver.



Build Quality



The base on the Pogo® ensures that it is stable during use. It is most of the chair’s weight, larger than the seat, and has a non-slip rubber ring around the outside. At no point will you ever feel like the chair is going to tip. The chair itself is very stable and has a wide range of motion. You have more freedom with movement with the Pogo®.


Color Swatches



Fabric Options (click to enlarge)

Dreamweave Fabric: 100% polyester, 250,000+ double rub rating.
Dreamweave Aqua
Dreamweave Black
Dreamweave Charcoal
Dreamweave Cologne
Dreamweave Ember
Dreamweave Heather
Dreamweave Napa
Dreamweave Navy
Dreamweave Tropicana

Product Reviews


Seat Comfort

The seat comfort on the Pogo provides great comfort. The seat is a circle with a 14” diameter. This is not a huge seat when compared to a standard ergonomic office chair, but it is large for the standing chair category. With the Pogo®, it has a flat top. The shape lets you use the entirety of the seat so the usable surface area ends up being bigger on the Pogo®.

The Sitmatic Pogo uses good quality molded foam. It is over 2” thick, and the foam holds its shape very well. It does not bottom out or feel too squishy. It provides good support the entire time you use the chair.

Seat Comfort

Range of Motion

Range of Motion

The Pogo® has a similar design to many other popular standing chairs. The main thing that sets the Pogo® apart is the spring at the bottom of the column that produces the movement. This system provides a much wider range of motion compared to other standing chairs. It gives it one of the widest ranges of motion on a standing chair. You have a huge range from side to side and you can move forward far enough to do a squat. You can also lean back to a straight up and down position, which is not possible on a lot of other similarly designed chairs. The spring adjustment system provides a huge range of motion while you are sitting. This gives you a lot of versatility to sit, perch and lean in a variety of different positions. The Pogo® is a nice option for people that are looking for a lot of movement and not just a more stationary perched position.


The Pogo® takes a different approach to ergonomics than a normal ergonomic office chair. Instead of sitting flat on the seat, with your knees and hips at 90°, you are placed into a position with a more open hip and leg angle. The piston is naturally pitched forward at about 7°. This angles the front of the seat downward, which makes it easy to naturally lean up against the seat. A normal office chair is meant to keep you in one ergonomically correct position for an extended period of time. The Pogo® is meant to allow you to move and stay active while you work. The thought process behind this is that you are engaging your leg and core muscles. This helps to increase blood flow and keeps your muscles active and loose while you work. Ergonomic contouring for years of support and comfort. Easily adjustable with 360° adjustment ring.






The Pogo® is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. The frame and base are covered for a lifetime. The foam, fabric, and cylinder are covered for 10 years. This warranty is valid for 24/7 use and it has no weight limit. Another cool thing about their warranty is that it follows the chair, not the customer. This means that the warranty will transfer to someone else if you sell the chair or give it away.

If something does go wrong with your Pogo®, then Sitmatic will send replacement parts, at their expense. If you happen to live within 50 miles of a brick and mortar Sitmatic dealer, then they will send a technician to handle the repairs or replacements.

About Sitmatic

Sitmatic is a licensee of Sitmatic SRL. Sitmatic SRL is an Italian chair manufacturer that has been in business since 1969. They have a heavy design focus and use high-end components. Their products range from ergonomic chairs to executive chairs, to waiting room chairs.

Sitmatic in the USA was started in 1985 and currently makes their chairs in Fullerton, CA. Like their Italian counterparts, they also consider good design aesthetics and high-quality components to be top priority



About Sitmatic