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NewHeights™ Eficiente LT Series U Shaped Electric Sit Stand Desk - 27" to 47" Adjustment Range - 500 lbs Capacity **Made in the USA**

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NewHeights™ Eficiente LT Series U Shaped Electric Sit Stand Desk - 27" to 47" Adjustment Range - 500 lbs Capacity **Made in the USA**
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Product ID : RA-ULT
Manufacturer: RA Products

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newheights eficiente

The striking NewHeights Eficiente LT Series U Shaped Electric Sit Stand Desk provides the ultimate in wraparound functionality. Perfect for the health-conscious employee or business owner, it is easily customizable to your favorite height setting to quickly and smoothly transition your desk for the perfect sitting to standing position. The spacious wraparound design includes plenty of room for printers, monitor and office supplies. Engineered for strength and stability, this model will support up to 500 pounds at its top height with zero wobble. Customize your look with a variety of sizes and colors or the addition of side modesty panels and power strips.

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NewHeights™ Eficiente U Shaped LT Specifications

  • Standard push button control for easy height adjustment (programmable available)
  • Smooth movements with soft start and stop mechanism
  • Large height adjustment range from 27" to 47"
  • Quick and quiet adjustment speed of 1.55"/second
  • Strong lifting capacity of 500 lbs
  • Manufactured in the United States of America
  • Ready to Assemble
  • This product is made to order and cannot be returned


Certifications & Ratings

  • ASNI/BIMFA Certified American National Standard For Office Furnishings - Test Includes: Top Loading, Load Ease, Extendible Element Cycle, Out Stop, Rebound, Racking, Leg Strength, Horizontal and Vertical Adjustment, Stability, Unit Drop. Learn more at ANSI/BIFMA:
  • It is important to note that most budget adjustable height desks do not have the ANSI/BIFMA certification and/or UL rating. These value type products would not stand up to the rigorous testing required to pass certification.





• Measure the dimensions of your space
• Make a drawing of your space using the dimensions
• Draw the dimensions of the desk in your space to ensure your new desk will fit

Need assistance? Contact Our Customer Service Team at 866-733-0698


Work Top Options




Shown with optional privacy panel.



Corner Options

Square or rounded corners are available on both the radius and rectangle workstations.


Optional Privacy Panel

Choose a privacy panel for either the left or right side of your workstation.


Rock Solid Stability with Aluminum Cross Support

Also made of extruded aluminum, the LT’s cross support ensures this standing desk is the most stable on the market.  By adding the cross support your desk will have absolutely zero movement, even at heights of 47 inches! This ultimate steadiness is due to a frame underneath the top, connecting both legs, and the cross support spanning across the bottom half of the frame.


NewHeights™ Eficiente LT Button Options

Standard Button - (included) The standard button allows for easy adjustments with a push of the up and down button. The standard button does not have a programmable option.

Programmable Digital Button - The programmable digital button is the most advanced button available. The programmable button allows for up to four different heights to be selected from memory. This option is perfect for users that share a workstation and single users that make multiple adjustments throughout the work day. Please Note: Programmable button allows for the desk to be raised or lowered to 4 different positions. The user will need to press and hold the pre-set button for entire duration that the table is in motion.


Optional 4-Plug Power Strip with 2-Plug USB

This power strip was specifically developed for our standing desks, with a flange system to easily secure to the underside of the desk. Other power strips we had tested previously would fall off the desk or used ugly clamp systems. Now you can quickly add power to your desk and clean up that tangled wire mess. The 4-plug power strip with 2-plug USB is UL certified.


Wood Essence Laminate Tops

You’ve heard the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”, well that’s exactly true for our laminate work surfaces which are really so much more.  First, you’ll do a double-take when you realize they are not real wood they’re even better.  That’s because our wood essence laminate desktops are scratchproof, water resistant, and extremely durable, unlike real wood or powder coated tops which can dent and only withstand minor scratches. Plus the powder-coating process, which sprays colored powder onto heated surfaces, creates a smooth painted look making it nearly impossible for the finished product to resemble real wood.   You’ll get that real wood look with our wood essence laminate, pay less for it, and it will last you longer.


Seamless Edges with 4EVERedge™ Technology

Say good bye to peeling, sharp edges on your desktop.  The 4EVERedge™ process produces virtually invisible joints using state of-the-art hot air technology rather than old fashioned glue. The seamless edge banding which results, looks neater, is resistant to dirt, heat and moisture and even offers a higher UV resistance to fading.  Plus you won’t have to worry about replacing your whole desk just because your edges are coming undone because they won’t!  But just to give you even more peace of mind, these edges come with a lifetime warranty. You won’t have to worry about getting your shirt caught in the edge of your desk again with 4EVERedge! ™


Durable Aluminum Bases

Thanks to extruded aluminum the NewHeights™ LT’s legs are extraordinarily strong and unbendable. Through the extrusion process, raw aluminum is heated and then pushed through a tool called a “die”. The result is a perfectly shaped piece of aluminum that becomes stronger as it hardens.  Because the legs are molded rather than solid they are more rigid which prevents both swaying and tipping that other desks with solid legs may experience. Extruded products don’t bend and they also don’t rust which means they are good for the environment since you will not need to replace them due to these factors.


Industry Leading Electronics from LOGICDATA

Since 1994 LOGICDATA has been a leading supplier in the field of innovative motor controls and operating elements for electronically height-adjustable furniture. LOGICDATA is an expert in the development of intelligent electronics, embedded software, and mechatronics (a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, telecommunications engineering, control engineering and computer engineering). LOGICDATA has been ISO 9001 certified since 2005. ISO 9001 is an international standard that outlines the requirements and minimum standards a company must maintain in their quality system.


Trust Comes with Experience

RightAngle™, the manufacturer of the NewHeights™ LT, has developed products for more than twenty-five years utilizing the highest standards of design, engineering and production practices.  The company was formed in the 1980s and is known for being one of the first companies to focus on the creation of ergonomic office products. RightAngle™ is always looking for practical and creative ways to use ergonomics to meet the needs of its customers, which led to the release of the NewHeights™ Series. It’s this ingenuity and longevity in the business that make the quality and durability of the NewHeights™ line unmistakable.


Color Swatches


Laminate Options (click to enlarge)

Concrete Groovz
Galaxy White
Grey Matrix
Hardrock Maple
Reclamation Maple

Product Reviews

Warranty and Shipping

NewHeights Products Warranty

Desks purchased after 7/22/15 - 5 years on gears and/or motors, including control box and switch; 10 years on support brackets, aluminum columns and feet. Desks purchased prior to 7/22/15 5 years on gears and/or motors, including control box and switch, 10 years on support brackets, aluminum columns and feet.(more details here)


Shipping Information

This item includes free shipping in the contiguous United States. (more details here)