Humanscale 6G System With 900 Board And Clip Mouse

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Humanscale 6G System 6G90090G22
Humanscale 6G90090G22 Black
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Product ID : HUM-6G90090G22
Manufacturer: Humanscale

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6G System Clip Mouse

Introducing the 6G System with 900 Board and Clip Mouse by Humanscale. Humanscale’s keyboard systems brings ergonomics to any users looking to sit in a healthy, natural position. Selling keyboard systems since 1999, Humanscale is the leading manufacturer of under desk keyboard systems. Adding a keyboard tray to a desk can help reduce risks of carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back pain, and other muscle or joint issues. Featuring a negative slope, this easily adjustable keyboard system helps keep wrists and hands supported while providing ultimate comfort.

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  • Height Adjustment Range: 7"
  • Tilt Adjustment Range: 0 to -15 degrees
  • Made primarily of powder-coated steel
  • 15-year 24/7 warranty
  • Weighs only 6.5 pounds
  • 900 Keyboard platform
  • 8.5" Clip mouse platform
  • Gel palm support
  • 22" Track
  • Color: Black


Build Quality

Build Quality

Humanscale keyboard systems are built to be durable and solid when anchored to a work surface. The slim keyboard platforms are made of 1/4” phenolic resin to provide strength and stability. The hypoallergenic gel palm supports are designed to be comfortable on your wrists and hands while providing support. Made primarily of power-coated steel, this keyboard system is one of the most sustainable trays. It uses 28% less material than similar products and only weights 6.5 pounds.

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Warranty and Shipping

Humanscale Keyboard Tray Warranty: 15 Years, 24/7 Warranty

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Designed to make users more ergonomic, this keyboard tray has a negative slope that is easily adjustable to help keep wrists and hands supported. Having an adjustable keyboard system can help prevent neck and back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other muscle and joint issues. This keyboard systems allow users to stay in their neutral posture zones by providing them with comfort and ergonomics.

Clip Mouse & Keyboard Tray

The Clip Mouse platform features numerous adjustments such as lateral adjustability, height, and depth. Users are also able to move the clip mouse to either the left or right of the keyboard. The Keyboard Platform is built with strength, stability, and thin profile. For additional comfort, this keyboard platform features a gel palm support.

Clip Mouse



Humanscale keyboard systems feature dial-a-tilt positioning that allows users to adjust it to their comfort level. Protecting your desk from collisions, the keyboard tray included a raised tilt mechanism. The intuitive height adjustment and dial-a-tilt provide users with low-risk typing postures and easy adjustability. The Clip Mouse platform can also be height, depth, and laterally adjusted to ensure users are in the most ergonomic, comfortable position. Humanscale keyboard systems can be configured to fit numerous styles of desks. This keyboard tray fits straight desks, diagonal corner desks, radius desks, and l-shape desks.


Humanscale offers an excellent warranty on the keyboard systems because they ensure it will last you years before it needs to be replaced. The warranty on their keyboard system is 15 years of 24/7 use.





About Humanscale

An ergonomically designed keyboard is essential for every workstation. Ergonomists agree that the healthiest typing posture is one that allows the wrists to maintain a neutral or slightly pronated posture – straight or bent at a slightly downward angle. For that reason, Humanscale designers created the under desk keyboard trays, which allow the keyboard to be ergonomically positioned anywhere from 0 degrees to a -15 degree angle. George Mileos, an award winning designer, partnered with Humanscale to develop a line of award-winning ergonomic keyboard systems that decrease wrist strain promoting productivity and wellness at every modern workplace.