NewHeights Elegante XT Corner Cockpit Adjustable Height Desk w/ Voice Control

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NewHeights™ Elegante XT Corner Cockpit Adjustable Height Desk - 24" to 51" Adjustment Range - 485 lbs Capacity **Made in the USA**
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Manufacturer: RA Products

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The space-saving design of the NewHeights Elegante XT Corner Cockpit Adjustable Height Desk can help free up in-demand office space while offering a completely customizable space to think and work. You can select the work top color, base color, and corner options, and you can choose to add on other features, such as a keyboard tray, monitor arms, wire management, file cabinets, or a pencil drawer. The adjustable height is a great option for individuals with hip or back pain, and the sturdy laminate top and durable aluminum base proves that this is a quality desk built with longevity in mind. 

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  • 30" x 72" x 72" x 30
  • Standard push button control for easy height adjustment (programmable available)
  • Smooth movements with soft start and stop mechanism
  • Includes a safety stop function if the table hits something going up or down (ISP)
  • Large height adjustment range from 24" to 51"
  • Quick and quiet adjustment speed of 1.5"/second (even when fully loaded @ 485lbs)
  • Horizontal wire management tray system comes standard (runs between legs with easy access to run wires)
  • Durable 1 1/8" thermally fused laminate worksurface w /matching 3mm edge banding
  • Strong lifting capacity of 485 lbs
  • Available with or without the cross support (with cross support the NewHeights has zero rocking motion)
  • Electronics are produced by Laing Innotech GmbH + Co. KG, based in Germany
  • Manufactured in the United States of America
  • Ready to Assemble - Assembly requires 60-90 minutes
  • NEW Lifetime Warranty on Entire Desk
  • Please note L Shape Newheights desks are not returnable. Once production has started this cannot be cancelled. If you have a question on colors please order a free color sample.



Steel Frames

Stability Starts With a Solid Foundation

Thanks to extruded aluminum the NewHeights™ XT’s legs are extraordinarily strong and unbendable. Through the extrusion process, raw aluminum is heated and then pushed through a tool called a “die”. The result is a perfectly shaped piece of aluminum that becomes stronger as it hardens.  Because the legs are molded rather than solid they are more rigid which prevents both swaying and tipping that other desks with solid legs may experience. Extruded products don’t bend and they also don’t rust which means they are good for the environment since you will not need to replace them due to these factors.

European Engineered Motor & Spindle Drives

The double stroke synchronized telescopic spindle gear system is more efficient than chain drives and provides a smoother and quieter lifting motion. These state-of-the-art systems are designed and manufactured by Ketterer Gears in Germany, in an area known for high-precision mechanical systems. Ketterer got its start more than 180 years ago, when Benedikt Ketterer founded a clock making factory in 1832. Since then the company has always been on the forefront of new ideas, from the first electricity connection in the area, to the factory’s own private rail siding for its material supplies. For the past 25 years, Ketterer has been making height adjustment mechanisms for office and workshop systems, so you can rest assured the XT’s spindle gear system is a leader in dependability and durability.



Precision Spindle Gears and Motor

4EVERedge Technology

Seamless Edges with 4EVERedge Technology

Say good bye to peeling, sharp edges on your desktop. The 4EVERedge™ process produces virtually invisible joints using state of-the-art hot air technology rather than old fashioned glue. The seamless edge banding which results, looks neater, is resistant to dirt, heat and moisture and even offers a higher UV resistance to fading. Plus you won’t have to worry about replacing your whole desk just because your edges are coming undone because they won’t!  But just to give you even more peace of mind, these edges come with a lifetime warranty. You won’t have to worry about getting your shirt caught in the edge of your desk again with 4EVERedge! ™


Corner Options: 

Square Corners
Square Corners

Round Corners

Round Corners

Cross Support Option:

Cross Support

Aluminum Cross Support for Rock Solid Stability

Also made of extruded aluminum, the XT’s cross support ensures this standing desk is the most stable on the market. By adding the cross support option your desk will have absolutely zero movement, even at heights of 51 inches! This ultimate steadiness is due to a frame underneath the top, connecting both legs, and the cross support spanning across the bottom half of the frame.™

Button Options: 

Standard Button
Standard Button-(included)

The standard button allows for easy adjustments with a push of the up and down button. The standard button does not have a programmable option.

Programmable Digital Button

Programmable Digital Button

The Programmable button allows for the desk to be raised or lowered to 4 different positions. It comes with the option to turn on the one-touch functionality. Simply press and release one of the four presets, the desk will move to the preset height automatically.

Certifications & Ratings

  • ASNI/BIMFA Certified American National Standard For Office Furnishings - Test Includes: Top Loading, Load Ease, Extendible Element Cycle, Out Stop, Rebound, Racking, Leg Strength, Horizontal and Vertical Adjustment, Stability, Unit Drop. Learn more at ANSI/BIFMA. See test results here
  • UL Rated - The entire NewHeights Elegante desk is UL rated, not just individual components like many of our competitors desks. UL is a global independent safety science company offering expertise across five key strategic businesses: Product Safety, Environment, Life & Health, University and Verification Services. UL's breadth, established objectivity and proven history mean we are a symbol of trust and enable us to help provide peace of mind to all. Learn more at UL:
  • It is important to note that most budget adjustable height desks do not have the most recent ANSI/BIFMA certification and/or UL rating. These value type products would not stand up to the rigorous testing required to pass certification.

Trust Comes with Experience

RightAngle™, the manufacturer of the NewHeights™ XT, has developed products for more than twenty-five years utilizing the highest standards of design, engineering and production practices. The company was formed in the 1980s and is known for being one of the first companies to focus on the creation of ergonomic office products. RightAngle™ is always looking for practical and creative ways to use ergonomics to meet the needs of its customers, which led to the release of the NewHeights™ Series. It’s this ingenuity and longevity in the business that make the quality and durability of the NewHeights™ line unmistakable.


NewHeights™ Ergonomic Accessories

Single Basic HS1111 Details

  • We recommend this item
  • 12 3/4" tall post mount system
  • Most vesa compliant monitors up to 32" will fit
  • Weight Capacity up to 33lbs
  • Built-in internal cable management: cables route neatly

Single Premium HS3101 Details

  • Easy to adjust 12" tall spring operated arm mount
  • Most vesa compliant monitors up to 24" will fit
  • Weight Capacity up to 22lbs
  • Built-in internal cable management: cables route neatly

Dual Basic HS1221 Details

  • We recommend this item
  • 12 3/4" tall post mount system
  • Most vesa compliant monitors up to 26" will fit
  • Weight Capacity up to 33lbs
  • Built-in internal cable management: cables route neatly

Dual Premium HS3221 Details

  • Easy to adjust, dual 13 1/2" spring operated
  • Most vesa compliant monitors up to 26" will fit
  • Weight Capacity up to 22lbs
  • Built-in internal cable management: cables route neatly

Basic Keyboard Tray MVS17S Details

  • Single knob adjusts height and tilt
  • 5.5" of height adjustment
  • -15°/+10° tilt adjustment
  • Spring assist for tilt and height adjustment

Premium Keyboard Tray MCFP17 Details

  • We recommend this item
  • No knob or lever needed for height adjustment
  • 6" of height adjustment
  • -20°/+0° tilt adjustment
  • Low profile design maximizes knee space

Basic CPU Holder 200CPU Details

  • Fits CPU's up to 64" perimeter
  • Slides out and swivels
  • Uses strong nylon strap system to secure CPU
  • Supports up to 60 lbs

Premium CPU Holder 300CPU Details

  • We recommend this item
  • Adjusts to fit computers 4"-9.5"W x 11.5"-21"H
  • Slides out and swivels
  • Uses 16 guage steel to secure CPU
  • Supports up to 75 lbs

Wire Management

  • We recommend this item
  • Route cables from desk to floor
  • Easily attaches to the underside of the desk
  • Quickly install or remove the cables inside
  • Keep the cables segregated from each other

Swivel Pencil Drawer

  • Dimensions: 14"W x 8"D x 1"H
  • Swivels and stows underneath desk
  • Includes scotch tape dispenser
  • Perfect for pencisl, pens and paper clips


Compact Pencil Drawer

  • Dimensions: 13"W x 17 3/8"D x 1 3/4"H
  • Slim under desk design
  • Constructed of sturdy black plastic
  • Steel ball bearing slides with lock-in detents

Color Swatches


Laminate Options (click to enlarge)

Concrete Groovz
Galaxy White
Grey Matrix
Hardrock Maple
Looks Likatre
Reclamation Maple

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Warranty and Shipping

NewHeights Products Warranty

All desks shipped AFTER 4/25/2021 are warranted to be free of defects due to manufacturing or materials as follows: Lifetime Guarantee on support brackets, columns and feet; Lifetime Guarantee on gears and/or motors, electrical components, and desktop. (See More Warranty Details)

For all products purchased before 4/25/21, See More Warranty Details.

Shipping Information

This item includes free shipping in the contiguous United States. (more details here)