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Pnuematic Gas Lift Laptop Desks and Carts

As laptops become more common in the workplace, employers may seek to replace their old desks and workspaces with laptop-compatible surfaces.  Specially-designed ergonomic laptop desks may be able to help you and your employees remain productive and comfortable in your office. Laptop desks are often referred to as laptop carts.  The word “cart” implies easy mobility, which is one of the greatest advantages laptop owners enjoy. Rolling laptop carts are designed to be moved easily and often, which is something you often cannot do with a conventional computer desk.

Shop Smart. Be Informed.

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Product ID : BTOD-DUKE-P
Sale Price: $499.00
Product ID : RA-24XXNHGW
Sale Price: $692.99
Product ID : RA-24XXNHGW-C
Sale Price: $752.99
Product ID : RA-VERSIT
Sale Price: $1,211.99