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Varier Balans Active Kneeling Chair

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Varier Balans Active Kneeling  Chair
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Product ID : VAR-BALANS-1000
Manufacturer: Varier

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varier variable balans

Designed by Peter Opsvik in 1979, the Variable™ Balans® is the original kneeling chair. A Varier classic, the seat gently tilts the pelvis forward and encourages a natural, dynamic and upright spine. The muscles in your abdomen and back will engage to keep the spine upright and your body balanced, which further strengthens core muscles and prevents back and shoulder tension. The angle between the upper and lower body increases, which greatly improves your circulation. As the body moves from an active to a relaxed posture, the flexible runners respond with a gentle rocking pendular motion. This 'active sitting' chair can also be equipped with an optional 'slat' style backrest. 

Varier Variable™ Balans® Resources:


  • Seat Size: 16”W x 12”D

  • Knee Pad Size: 10.5”L x 5.5”W

  • Height From Front of Seat: 18”H

  • Height From Back of Seat: 20.5”H

  • Overall Dimensions: 28″D x 19″W x 20.5″H

  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

  • Chair Weight: 11.5 lbs.

  • Shipping Weight: 14 lbs.

  • Shipping Box Dimensions: 20.5″ x 28.5″ x 4″



Optional Padded Back Rest

Optional Padded Back Rest

Upgrade your Variable Balans® kneeling chair with a backrest and add further variation to your seating position. There may be times where you will want to sit at your desk instead of kneeling. The backrest will help support you when you transition from kneeling to sitting. The Variable Balans® padded backrest provides additional, softer back support for people sitting extended periods of time. It also works as a stretching aid. The padded backrest is made of the same Revive fabric as the seat of the chair and kneeling pad. Revive is a vibrant upholstery textile made from post-consumer recycled polyester (PET). 

Optional Soft Tape

Avoid scratches on your hard floors by using soft tape. Protect your chair and floor surfaces with this soft tape that applies to the runners of the Variable Balans®. The color of the soft tape is a beige, similar to that of the wooden frame. To apply, you just attach the tape to the bottom of the runners to protect the base and your floor.



Padded Back Rest

Build Quality

Build Quality

It is without question that Varier makes the highest quality kneeling chairs. The frame is designed specifically to handle the rigors of constant movement. It is made from good quality beech plywood. This makes the frame light and strong. Molding the wood together increases its durability and reduces the chances for the wood to split. It also limits the amount that the wood expands and shrinks. The wood is finished with an ash veneer. It is sanded by hand and sealed with a clear lacquer. To protect the base on hard floors, Varier offers a soft tape option that's attached to the bottom of the runners. The seat and knee padding are made from high quality polyurethane foam.

Mobility While Seated

There are a couple reasons why it is important to be able to move your chair while you are sitting. The first is to grab things around you. The second reason sitting mobility is nice is when you are trying to get into position type. Being able to move small amounts really helps to get comfortable quickly. The chair can slide and swivel easily to make small adjustments to get into a comfortable position. As the body moves from an active to a relaxed posture, the flexible runners respond with a gentle pendular motion.



Mobility While Seated

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Warranty and Shipping

The wood frame is covered for seven years. The foam, fabric, labor and shipping are covered for five years. Normal wear and tear are not covered. A warranty is only included on chairs purchased from an authorized dealer


Color Options

Three Upholstery Options

The frame on the Variable Balans® is a natural ash with a clear lacquer finish. The fabric is recycle polyester, called Revive, and is available in black, blue or gray. Revive is a vibrant upholstery textile made from post-consumer recycled polyester (PET). Its main focus is to reduce environmental impact, both in production and natural resources. The efficient production of creating fabric from recycled water bottles uses less energy while dramatically decreasing CO2 emissions. Revive is inspired by the textures, colors and materials of harbours and fishing boats. It features subtle chevron-like shapes, but appears to be solid when viewed from a distance.

Seat Comfort

The seat on the Variable™ Balans® is a large rectangle that slopes forward. It is a bit smaller than the seat you find on normal office chairs. The seat is padded with a high-quality polyurethane foam. The padding is not overly thick or high-density, like some other models. It is a couple inches thick, but it does not bottom out right away. It also doesn't get warm like the models with thick padding. The fabric is from the Revive line and is made by a company called Kvadrat. They have been a textile manufacturer in Denmark since 1968. The Revive fabric is made from post-consumer recycled polyester. It is comfortable, feels like it is built to last. Overall, the seat on the Variable™ Balans® is one of the most comfortable kneeling chair seats.

Seat Comfort

Knee Pad Comfort

Knee Pad Comfort

The knee pads feature the same padding and fabric as the seat, so they are also going to be high-end. They are thick enough to provide good support for multiple hours. It makes a big difference to have the knee pads separated. By having your legs angled slightly outward, compared to close together and straight forward, it could be a more comfortable experience. The flexible frame also makes a big difference in being able to move your knees around while sitting.

Range of Motion

The Variable™ Balans® does a lot of things better than other kneeling chairs, but its biggest advantage is the range of motion is offers. This all comes from the wood sled-based design. The sled base is rounded but it is not a constant curve like a typical rocking chair. Instead, it has a small kink toward the middle of the base and the curve is flatter than a rocking chair. This gives you two different rocking zones. One zone puts you in a forward tasking position and one puts you in a back relaxing position. Each zone has a wide rocking range but neither lets you rock far enough in either direction to feel off balance or like you are going to tip. Along with the rocking function, the wood sled base also allows for lateral movement because the wood is flexible enough to bend as you move your body. The Balans® allows you to move laterally, fidget or just wiggle.



Range of Motion



The idea behind the Variable™ Balans® is to open your leg angle and to increase movement. Opening your leg angle with a forward tilted seat relieves pressure on your lower back and tailbone. Kneeling chairs are often a choice for people with lower back pain or coccyx problems. The natural movement that the chair allows keeps your muscles more engaged and increases your activity while you work. The hope is that this helps to strengthen your abdominal and back muscles, while improving your posture.


For the Variable™ Balans®, the wood frame is covered for seven years. The foam, fabric, labor and shipping are covered for five years. Normal wear and tear are not covered. A warranty is only included on chairs purchased from an authorized dealer.



5/7 Year Warranty

About Varier

About Varier

Varier is a modern Scandinavian brand inspired by movement. Known for superior quality and effortless design, their products embody activity, freedom, and innovation. They strive to design furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing and good for you. Since 1979, their chairs have offered a uniquely uncompromising experience. They have been meticulously designed in close collaboration with some of the most iconic Scandinavian designers, including Opsvik, Øie, Ekstrøm, Salto and Sigsgaard, and have been widely recognized for their positive effects on health.