Neutral Posture

For individuals who find themselves working long hours in the same chair, proper ergonomic support can make the difference between good health and chronic pain and discomfort. Additionally, an inappropriate seating option can do more than cause a worker to be uncomfortable during his or her work day; such discomfort can also lead to a lack of productivity due to fidgeting and constant readjustment while trying to find proper positioning.

Fortunately, Beyond the Office Door is proud to carry Neutral Posture office chairs and stools; attractive and ergonomic seating solutions that are ready to meet the workplace demands of all kinds of workers in a variety of careers. From high backed chairs with plush padding to mid-back chairs with mesh backing that provides maximum breathability, Neutral Posture has provided all of the seating options you might need to get the most out of your workforce and keep everyone on your team comfortable and supported throughout the work day.

Additionally, with Neutral Posture's diverse range of products, you can find a comfortable and fully supportive seating solution that is sure to look great in any office environment, regardless of existing décor and design aesthetics. Whether your office has a more traditional, sophisticated feel or a modern look with edgy, stand-out furniture pieces, Neutral Posture can provide you with a seating solution that fits the look and feel of your office without sacrificing the well-being of your employees. And, with the impressive warranty offered by Neutral Posture, you can rest assured knowing that these attractive pieces were made to withstand years of heavy and continuous use.