ERA Products

ERA Products is far and away the furniture industry leader in big & tall office chairs, offering the most durable and comfortable chairs on the market specifically tailored to the needs of taller and larger customers. Over 35 years ago, ERA got its start building automobile seats for major auto makers such as General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. With the experience, skills, and techniques developed in these pursuits, ERA Products built the foundation necessary to provide industry-leading chairs for modern consumers.

Each of ERA Products’ office seats is hand-constructed using ERA’s exclusive design processes and an all-steel frame.  With fully adjustable features and warranted to hold up to 400 pounds, the unmatched craftsmanship present in each of these chairs comes directly from the legacy of world-class automobile seating that simply cannot be duplicated. With every chair receiving the benefit of ERA’s extensive knowledge and expertise as they are handcrafted in its Gardena, California, factory, the consumer is left with the best big & tall office chair available on the market.

At Beyond the Office Door, we are proud to offer ERA Products. An ERA chair may well be the last chair you ever need to buy, as durability is among the company’s top priorities. Each design has passed the federal government’s GSA intensive use tests—strenuous challenges that completely destroy ordinary chairs. A lifetime warranty further backs each chair shipped, as ERA stands behind its industry-leading designs.

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