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Cramer, Inc.

Cramer, Inc., has been committed to creating quality and dependable office products for over 120 years, a legacy of excellence and superior craftsmanship that is a testament to the company’s adaptability and endurance. Starting as a safe manufacturing company, Cramer’s foray into office furniture in the 1930s stemmed from a request from Hallmark Cards, Inc., to create chairs suitable for the long hours the mass-production artists spent creating their iconic greeting cards. With the introduction of the Cramer Posture Chair in 1934, a new legend in the furniture business was born.

Since that time, Cramer, Inc., has grown and changed with the needs of contemporary workers, producing high-quality office products designed to meet and exceed the demands of hardworking employees in a variety of industries. The Cramer Posture Chair has been elaborated upon and refined to an incredible extent, making Cramer’s office chairs some of the most comfortable on the market. You can rest assured that a Cramer chair can be counted on to endure the rigors of a 40+ hour work week for years and years to come.

At Beyond the Office Door, we offer a number of high-quality Cramer chairs, from intensive use office chairs to drafting chairs. Additionally, Cramer now makes a range of dependable step ladders and stools, all of which are durable, quality products that are built to last a lifetime.

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Cramer, Inc.