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Safco Products Company

The Safco line of products that are available at Beyond the Office Door is focused on seating users in comfortable and high-quality chairs.  Ranging from free-standing, armless chairs, like the Uber Big and Tall Guest Chair, to stools, like our Lab Stool with Polyurethene Seat, to executive or employee chairs, like the Serenity Big and Tall Leather Highback Chair, our products are made for busy workers who need maximum stability, durability, comfort, style, and function from their chairs.

Most office furniture, especially chairs which are used extensively, wears out over time, but the Safco product line is meant to last for years.  High weight capacities, with some chairs supporting up to 500 pounds, mean that these chairs can support most, if not all, workers who need to sit comfortably, and limited warranties provide assurance and dependability for your chairs.

Movability and flexibility are also important features for seating in an office environment. Although many other types of chairs force you to sacrifice either strength or comfort in favor of these features, Safco’s chairs are different. They target the needs of everyday workers like you who want strength, comfort, versatility, and attractive design from their work chairs.  With plush seats, tilt lock and tilt tension features, and many other functions, our chairs allow every user to customize the position of their chairs and ensure they will work in comfort throughout the day.


Safco Logo

Safco Products Company
PO Box 86
Minneapolis, MN 55486-0752

Product ID : SAF-4750XX
Sale Price: $192.40
Product ID : SAF-3432BL
Sale Price: $225.40
Product ID : SAF-3431BL
Sale Price: $225.40
Product ID : SAF-3395BL
Sale Price: $256.00
Product ID : SAF-PIVOT
Sale Price: $279.00
Product ID : SAF-3430BL
Sale Price: $289.60
Product ID : SAF-3397BL
Sale Price: $293.33
Product ID : SAF-3492
Sale Price: $316.00
Product ID : SAF-3391BL
Sale Price: $339.40
Product ID : SAF-3391BV
Sale Price: $339.40
Product ID : SAF-3592BL
Sale Price: $357.40
Product ID : SAF-3490
Sale Price: $379.60
Product ID : SAF-3394
Sale Price: $379.60
Product ID : SAF-5110
Sale Price: $403.60
Product ID : SAF-3500BL
Sale Price: $515.80
Product ID : SAF-5113
Sale Price: $532.60