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HPFI Modular Series

HPFI 7400 Reception Set

The Modular Series offers contemporary style that adds a fresh, chic look to any office space or waiting room. The Modular Series is highly customizable, giving you the option to arrange pieces freestanding or connected and the option to choose from 60+ fabric/leather options. Each seat offers ample space and comfort for each individual and is rated for 250 lbs per seat. These sectional pieces are also approachable from both sides, making it easy to rearrange the furniture how and when you desire. The seating pieces also come with replaceable cushions, allowing you to keep your furniture looking new even after a great deal of use.

Product ID : HPFI-7423
Sale Price: $790.13
Product ID : HPFI-7425
Sale Price: $836.23
Product ID : HPFI-7401
Sale Price: $841.46
Product ID : HPFI-7420
Sale Price: $850.01
Product ID : HPFI-7426
Sale Price: $893.73
Product ID : HPFI-7402
Sale Price: $1,143.21
Product ID : HPFI-7403
Sale Price: $1,494.38