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Stars Series

OFM Star Series

You can rest assured that the functional Star Series will provide your customers with the satisfaction and seating availability they need for a more enjoyable and relaxing office visit. The customizable and interchangeable seating arrangement of each piece offers a variety of seating options for users and allows for more functionality within the office, regardless of available space. The Stars Series' beam seating system is able to support a weight capacity of 1000 pounds, while the built-in lumbar backing provides a seamlessly comfortable support system for any user. The durability, lasting quality, and spacious seating variations of each piece make the Stars Series the perfect addition to any office space.

Product ID : OFM-323-P
Sale Price: $439.99
Product ID : OFM-323
Sale Price: $459.99
Product ID : OFM-324-P
Sale Price: $531.99