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Net Series

OFM Net Series

Enhance the feel of any office space with the unique look of the Net Series. Each piece can be used in an outdoor or indoor area because of its rust and water-proof net material. The Net Series draws people in with its striking appearance and flexible seating arrangements that provide substantial comfort and support to users. The Net Series comes in 7 vibrant and attention-grabbing colors, each encompassed with powder-coated paint finish steel for a sleek, modern appearance. The Net Series provides an exciting and unique seating option in any office space and will surely impress anyone who walks through the door.

Product ID : OFM-N202
Sale Price: $198.99
Product ID : OFM-NB-3G
Sale Price: $661.99
Product ID : OFM-NB-3
Sale Price: $712.99
Product ID : OFM-NB-4G
Sale Price: $899.99
Product ID : OFM-NB-4
Sale Price: $950.99
Product ID : OFM-NB-5G
Sale Price: $1,135.99
Product ID : OFM-NB-5
Sale Price: $1,187.99