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Mayline Reception Sets

The Prestige Reception Series by Mayline is comprised of three beautiful pieces of furniture. You will find a stylish and elegant sofa, loveseat, and chair, all made of inviting, black leather. The attractive items in this series embody both traditional style and modern sophistication. The symmetry of the furniture combined with its sleek, black leather will transform your reception area, while its emphasis on comfort and support are sure to provide visitors and guests to your office with a favorable first impression. The Prestige Series is named this way for a reason; it is sure to elevate any environment in which it is placed.

The Santa Cruz Reception Series by Mayline consists of a black, leather sofa, love seat, and lounge chair. Its plush, curved seats characterize this modern series while the armrests provide the ultimate in comfort. The soft Italian leather contributes to the combination of style and comfort unmatched by other office furniture. Implementation of short, yet sturdy wooden-finish feet give an impression of professionalism. In addition, buyers have the option of customizing various aspects of the furniture. Bourbon cherry, golden cherry, espresso, and maple are all options for the leg finish of your Santa Cruz furniture, allowing you to tailor these already elegant pieces to perfectly match your office's existing color scheme and décor. 

Product ID : MAY-VCL1
Sale Price: $775.71
Product ID : MAY-VCC1
Sale Price: $851.71
Product ID : MAY-VCL2
Sale Price: $954.86
Product ID : MAY-VCC2
Sale Price: $1,004.00
Product ID : MAY-VCL3
Sale Price: $1,244.00
Product ID : MAY-VCC3
Sale Price: $1,304.57