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HPFI Steps Series

HPFI Steps Reception Set

The Steps Series is a comfortable, modern series of modular seating that would be the perfect fit in any space. Steps seating gives off an inviting vibe that can tempt anyone to sit back, relax, and maybe have a nice cup of coffee. Every Steps Series seat is extra roomy and fully upholstered in the fabric of your choice. Not only does Steps Series seating have spacious, thick cushioning, it is designed to fit the exact needs of your space with its ability to be configured freestanding or connected.  Additionally, all Steps units are shipped with metal fasteners pre-bored under the seat frames.

Product ID : HPFI-7431
Sale Price: $841.46
Product ID : HPFI-7441
Sale Price: $994.95
Product ID : HPFI-7432
Sale Price: $1,143.21
Product ID : HPFI-7433
Sale Price: $1,494.38