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HPFI Accompany Series

HPFI Accompany Reception Set

If you are looking for seating and comfort in abundance, look no further than Highpoint’s Accompany Series. This set of furniture is ideal for waiting spaces and lobbies, and boasts an elegant ergonomic design with multiple variations to accommodate an array of preferences. The seating options range from sofas and love seats to lounge seats and chairs. Among the options that the Accompany Series provides, an extremely popular piece is the Three Seat Lounge Chair, which provides each occupant with their own tapered arm rests. Each piece within the set is customizable in texture and color so that you can tailor the set to your unique preferences.

Product ID : HPFI-5904
Sale Price: $677.57
Product ID : HPFI-5901
Sale Price: $884.28
Product ID : HPFI-5905
Sale Price: $1,274.16
Product ID : HPFI-5902
Sale Price: $1,456.63
Product ID : HPFI-5906
Sale Price: $1,668.57
Product ID : HPFI-5903
Sale Price: $1,916.63