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Reception Desk and Reception Desk Furniture

When a client enters your office, the first person he or she may greet is the receptionist or administrative assistant in the reception area. Front desk staff need to be able to not only welcome clients into the office but also deal with their projects and other tasks in an organized manner. Selecting the right reception furniture for your staff can help to ensure that they are able to easily find the documents that they need and receive clients in a timely, professional manner.’s Quick Guide to Selecting a New Reception Desk

Whether you’ve just completed new construction of an office or decided to update an existing one, choosing the perfect reception desk is an important decision. Making sure that you create the right atmosphere, while leaving a good impression on the customer starts at this point. We hope that our guide provides insight to a few areas that might otherwise be overlooked. This is a large purchase and it is important to consider all of the options before making a large investment into your new or existing space.

What to Consider Prior to Selecting a Desk

There are a handful of things that must be considering when shopping for a new office reception desk online. Below we cover a few that might not have been at the top of your list.


The most important part of the selection process is measurement. While easy to avoid, problems arising because of sizing issues after new reception desk furniture has arrived on location do occur. We always recommend measuring twice, making absolute sure the reception desk dimensions will fit the space. Getting this part wrong could cost $100’s of dollars on return shipping costs and restocking fees.

Color Swatches

Monitor settings and office lighting will have a huge effect on what the reception counter will look like in your space. It is important to request free color swatches prior to order if color matching is essential to success. This ensures the cherry finish you are seeing online will look the same in a naturally lit salon waiting area.

Assembly Required

While assembly is required for most of our reception desks for sale, the amount of difficulty between the brands can vary greatly. Some of our large DMI receptionist desks ship in smaller sections (fully assembled), however most of our brands will arrive flat packed. Build time can range from 20-30 minutes for our popular OFM Marque reception stations, up to 2-3 hours for our OTG L Shaped reception desks. It is always best to call first if you are unsure about the amount of assembly required for any desk that may be of interest. Most manufactures will provide detailed assembly instructions in PDF format for reference prior to purchase.

Shipping Methods

Because most of the reception desks for sale are very large, they will likely be shipping with a freight carrier. Even small reception desks tend to be too large to ship with FedEx Ground and UPS. You can expect to receive standard delivery to a loading dock (raised platform on building) or via tailgate (driver rolls to the end of the semi-trailer). From that point it is the customer responsibility to unload the front desk furniture to the ground and bring into the reception area of the building.

Return Policy

It is always important to read the fine print for any companies return policy. This is especially important with large furniture orders being made online. While most reception desks can be returned, keeping track of your original packaging and the date when you received your shiny new white reception desk is very important. If returns can be made, there will most likely be a restocking fee and shipping costs associated with the return. It is important to note that not all receptionist desks can be returned, this is typically listed on pages where returns are not available. Whenever in doubt on a return policy, it is best to call or email customer service to more information.

In Conclusion

While the topics we cover in this quick guide are some of the most frequently asked questions, there are always more things to consider prior to purchase. This is especially true if you will be updating your entire waiting room area. For our complete guide on how to layout a waiting room, visit this tutorial found on our Blog: The Breakroom. We hope that our guide will help you avoid costly mistakes that have plagued online furniture shoppers in the past.