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Adjustable Height Desks

Choosing an adjustable height desk that will best suit your needs can be a difficult task, especially if you have never used similar furniture in the past. New styles and versions of competing desks are entering the market on a monthly basis. In order to find the best solution you must consider what your needs are first, including how you will be using the desk day to day. The different types of standing desks available include: electric, crank, pneumatic/gas, standing only and models designed to sit on the desktop of your existing desk.'s Top 5 Most Popular Types of Standing Desks


Electric Desks

Electric desks are by far our most popular version of the adjustable height computer desk. While electric desks tend to be the most expensive, they are the most well rounded option available. These desks are typically operated by just the push of a button. For customers that are interested in making a switch from a normal sit down desk, we highly recommend this type. Moving from a sitting to standing height will typically only require 10-20 seconds depending on the model selected. The ability to move all items on your desk (phone, paperwork, ect) is an added bonus with the fully electric desk. This eliminates the need to reach down to answer a phone call or complete a writing task. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try a raisable desk yet, you will soon find out that neither sitting nor standing should be done all day. It is the ability to switch between them that will help you create a more comfortable working environment. The electronic rising desk can easily accomplish this by simply pushing the up or down button. (See all electric models here)


Crank Desks

The manually operated crank desk is a nice alternative to the electric desk. This type of desk will allow you to move all of your desks contents from sitting to standing height. A crank desk is the perfect solution for a person who might not have access to a power outlet at their work area. This type of adjustable office desk is also great for customers who might be concerned with the potential breakdown of electrical components beyond a products' warranty period. While the manual crank desk might seem like a perfect fit, it should be noted that most manual desks do require a lot of cranks for each 1” of height adjustment. Our NewHeights crank, for instance, is one of the faster options available on the market and requires eight cranks per 1” of height adjustment. Most users will need 10”-14” of adjustment to move from a sitting to standing height. In total you would be cranking 80-112 types just to go one direction. It is for this reason in particular we highly recommend an electric desk. (See all crank models here)


Pneumatic/Gas Desks

The pneumatic assisted adjustable desk is a great option for customers looking to save money and space. Because of its size, the stand up laptop desk is easily moved and with casters can become a mobile workstation. Our pneumatic desks are typically used in hospitals, manufacturing facilities, computer labs and apartments. This type of desk can also be used as an add-on option for existing workstations. Customers that may have an existing desk that they would like to keep can set the gas lift desk next to their desk and use with a laptop throughout the day. Because the pneumatic desk is a smaller option, space will be limited. Having all of your paper work, computer items and phone on the desk at once will be difficult. The pneumatic desk option will also have a much smaller lifting capacity than its electric and crank counterparts. For this reason they are not suitable for all office applications. (See all pneumatic models here)


Standing Only

Fixed height or standing height tables are some of the most common standing desks being used in homes and offices today. This type of simple standing desk is easily created through DIY plans and can be a very affordable option. Many of our current customers have also created make-shift desks with boxes, crates, books and other items readily found in the office. Creating a DIY elevated desk can be great way to test the waters before making the full plunge. Since fixed height desks are not adjustable we highly recommend using a standing height calculator to get a proper measurement of your new desk. Picking the wrong height for your new desk will most likely cause the user to stop use of the desk and not gain the health benefits from standing during the work day. While the standing height desk can be a great option, it also has its downfalls as well. Without the ability to lower the desk, you will most likely need to find a solution for a tall office chair. Only standing throughout an entire workday will create new health risks and we highly recommend the use of an ergonomic stool with your standing only desk. (See all standing only models here)


Standing Desk Converters

This brings us to our last option of standing desks available. The stand up desk converter is one of the newest additions to the desktop workstation category. This type of sit stand desk attachment is a perfect solution for those who want to keep an existing desk and have the ability to sit or stand during the day. Our desktop options include: manual, gas assisted and electronically operated models. The models will vary in price and can be a very affordable option for those looking to stand at their existing desk. While the desktop only can be a great option, because of its size they will typically only allow for computing tasks to be done. The desktop only models will also require a good amount of space on your desk and will limit you to a smaller area for other office tasks. (See all stand up desk converters here)