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Chair Mats


Chair Mats

Style with extra storage

Chair mats are a very small investment to ensure that your floor is protected and looking good. The combined weight of the office chair and the user puts a lot of stress and rubbing on the carpet or hard floor that the chair is rolling on. Eventually, the carpet or hard surface will begin to wear out and repairs will need to be made. Why go through the hassle? Buy an office chair mat from and eliminate the chance of destroying your floor and costing you hundreds of dollars!

Product ID : BTOD-106-1
Sale Price: $70.99
Product ID : BTOD-104-01
Sale Price: $92.99
Product ID : BEYOND-0647-17
Sale Price: $165.99
Product ID : ANJ-AMB240XX
Sale Price: $169.99
Product ID : ANJ-AMB240XXW
Sale Price: $269.99
Product ID : ANJ-AMB0500-100X
Sale Price: $349.99