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HPFI 9100 Series

HPFI 9100 Series Reception Set

The classic design of Highpoint’s 9100 series provides an added touch of grace and sophistication to any space. The entire set includes a sofa, loveseat, chair, and cocktail table. Though the 9100 Series works beautifully as a set, each piece also looks great as a stand-alone feature or as an addendum to previously owned furnishings. Highpoint provides you with the ability to choose between textures, colors, and wood finish, allowing you to perfectly match these pieces to your existing office design and décor. Additionally, the seating’s wooden accents add visual drama as they provide a stark contrast to the velvety appearance of the cushions. If you are interested in adding both refinement and comfort to any space, the 9100 Series is a perfect option for you.

Product ID : HPFI-9120
Sale Price: $746.00
Product ID : HPFI-9131
Sale Price: $1,137.09
Product ID : HPFI-9132
Sale Price: $1,619.15
Product ID : HPFI-9133
Sale Price: $1,952.74