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Alera Waiting Furniture Sets


The Alera Lounge Series offers a sleek, professional style ideal for any office, waiting room, or reception area. The pyramid legs of the sofa, loveseat and lounge chair create a unique and tailored outline that pleases the eye and adds contrast to their otherwise straight outlines. The polished wooden aspects of the waiting room chairs, whether cherry or mahogany, are a stylish highlight that accentuates this functional series. Smooth leather upholstery maintains this utterly classic look and ensures the comfort of both guests and clients. The Alera Lounge Series cannot fail to impress, with its profoundly simple lines and the universal appeal of its dark hues.
Product ID : ALE-RL4319C
Sale Price: $199.99
Product ID : ALE-RL23LS10B
Sale Price: $386.99
Product ID : ALE-RL22LS10B
Sale Price: $542.99
Product ID : ALE-RL21LS10B
Sale Price: $686.99
Product ID : ALE-RLXXL810B
Sale Price: $1,581.99