Humanscale Infinity Task Light - Clamp or Desktop Base

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Humanscale Infinity Task Light Ash Black
Humanscale Infinity Task Light Desk Mount
Humanscale Infinity Task Light Clamp Base
Humanscale Infinity Task Slate Blue
Humanscale Infinity Task Light Linen White
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Product ID : HUM-NF3
Manufacturer: Humanscale

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Introducing the Infinity LED Task Light by Humanscale. This lamp features multi-chip LED technology that delivers 1500 lux (150 foot-candle) illumination and only uses 8 watts of power. With nine different brightness levels and the touch dimmer, the Infinity was make to save energy and provide ergonomic function. The Infinity is built with ‘Forever Hinges’ for stability and strength and emits high-quality light. With this sleek, timeless design, the Infinity is sure to bring the perfect modern touch to any workspace.

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  • 1500 lux (150 foot-candle) illumination
  • Power Consumption: 8 watts
  • Lifespan: Up to 50,000 hours
  • 3000K (warm white) light, 90 Color Rendering Index (CRI)
  • 90% composed of highly recycled aluminum and iron
  • PIR occupancy sensor
  • Desktop Base or Clamp
  • Multi-chip LED Technology
  • Max Reach: 36.5”


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Infinity was designed with functionality in mind while incorporating elegance, stability, and a modern look. It is made of 90% highly recyclable aluminum and iron, with 50% of it composed of recycled content. The exterior color is made up of durable film and polished natural aluminum. The user interface provides the same touch technology as smartphones. With the constant torque ‘Forever Hinges’, this light ensures stability and takes away the need for adjustments. Infinity has a lifespan that lasts 50,000 hours and a 10 year warranty that guarantees this lamp with last you years.


The Infinity is made of 90% highly recyclable aluminum and iron. In addition, over 50% of the Infinity is composed of recycled content. This highly energy-efficient lamp features PIR occupancy sensor which will automatically turn the light off when it doesn’t detect movement which in turn saves on energy and other costs. The lamp lasts 50,000 hours and only uses 8 watts which delivers the best-in-class lighting performance in the industry.





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Warranty and Shipping

Humanscale Infinity Warranty - Covered for 10 Years, 24/7 Warranty

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Color Options

Color Options

Humanscale’s Infinity features two different mount options with the choice of 3 different colors. First choose from whether you’d prefer a standard desktop base or an adjustable clamp. Both Infinity light options come in your choice of 3 different semi-matte color combinations. Choose from Ash Black, Linen White, or Slate Blue.

Multi-Chip LED Technology

Infinity’s long lasting multi-chip LED casts only one shadow with its high quality, energy-efficient light. Using only 8 watts of power, the Infinity brings top lighting performance. This light provides 1500 lux (150 foot-candle) illumination. The Infinity emits a warm white 3000K light with a 90 color rendering index. With this glare free light, this new technology helps reduce eye strain, and in turn, increases the lamp’s lifespan.



Dimming & Settings

Featuring nine levels of brightness, the Infinity offers the the same touch technology as smart phones to allow for easy use. To reduce visual clutter, the user control indicator lights turn on when a user gets near the light, and then slowly fade away after the brightness level has been selected. The interior of the Infinity has a PIR occupancy sensor that senses body heat which tells the light to turn off when no one is around. The Infinity also features the nightlight feature which has an ultra-low light setting with occupancy sensor disabled.


The Infinity can easily be adjusted because of it’s constant torque ‘Forever Hinges’ that create stability and strength for any position. The ‘Forever Hinges’ are both torque inserts and springs that guarantees an easily adjustable arm the user can fluidly move to the perfect ergonomic position. With its 36.5” arm reach and full 180 degree head and arm rotation, the Infinity can easily be adjusted with one-touch positioning.






Humanscale offers an excellent warranty on the Infinity light because they ensure this lamp will last you years before it needs to be replaced. All lighting products are covered under 10 years, 24/7 warranty. There are 3 years, 24/7 warranty for the power supply driver.

About Humanscale

Located in the New York City headquarters, Humanscale Design Studio is a powerhouse of designers, engineers and prototypists from around the world. As modern workspaces evolve, they require versatile, highly adjustable and highly durable products to suit the needs of each individual user. In response, the Humanscale Design Studio created Infinity, which borrows an advanced hinging technique — inspired by laptop computers — to maintain fluid movement and effortless positioning, even after decades of use. Infinity offers a wide range of features that enhance the user experience and ergonomic benefits — all packaged within a timeless, beautiful and minimal aesthetic that complements a wide variety of interiors and spaces.