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Ergohuman Resources - Beware of Auction Sites / eBay

When shopping for the best place to buy your new Ergohuman Chair you must be very careful and take the needed time to research, not only the product, but the company that you are making your Ergohuman purchase through. You want your chair to be a lasting investment for your health and comfort. Find the most amount of Ergohuman information possible prior to making your purchase. Auction sites and websites like eBay often have unauthorized sellers and resellers of products. These are the types of sellers that you want to avoid as a buyer of an Ergohuman chair. Below are a few things to keep in mind for you to maximize what you get out of your new chair.


Why Should I Avoid eBay?

There are millions of eBay users and because of this you can find almost anything on eBay, including the Ergohuman. We are not saying that all eBay vendors are unauthorized to sell or are trying to scam you. We want to make you aware of the dangers that can easily be avoided by not shopping on eBay for your Raynor Ergohuman. When shopping on eBay you are putting all of your faith in the seller of your Ergohuman. We say this because eBay is dependent on a strong feedback system which allows previous buyers to leave comments related to the sale. This feedback method is the only way for the consumers to know who is safe to shop from. As we explain more in-depth in the section below, we strongly recommend NOT USING PAYPAL. But, by avoiding Paypal you have no protection from eBay during the transaction because eBay owns Paypal and will only protect buyers and sellers that transact with Paypal. This means that if you make a purchase on eBay with a different payment method than Paypal, you will only have the protection of being able to do a chargeback if the seller doesn't send the item. Chargebacks are often costly and time consuming.


Why Should I Avoid Paypal?

Many eBay sellers only accept Paypal as their payment method in an effort to avoid setting up their own merchant account to accept credit card transactions directly. This forces the buyer into using Paypal which we DO NOT RECOMMEND. Paypal is an off-shore, intermediary banking system that is owned by eBay. Because it is not in the United States, you have no protection by the U.S. Government or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). At any moment Paypal can "freeze" your account and do whatever they wish with your remaining funds. Because the banking system is owned by eBay, they are biased in their actions for handling disputes and the results are often lose, lose for both the buyer and the seller. Click here for some Paypal horror stories.


Is It Too Good To Be True?

eBay has the power to bring together millions of buyers and sellers into one market, creating a buyer for every seller out there. eBay and other auction sites are notorious for the great deals a buyer can find. People often find things for so cheap that it often seems too good to be true. Is it though? Because the market has so many sellers, the deals you find are not all necessarily too good to be true. The Ergohuman, however, is different. You might be able to find an Ergohuman chair for much less than many other vendors. They might say they are an authorized dealer and advertise the chair as brand new with full manufacturer's warranty. DON'T BELIEVE IT! If they were truly an authorized dealer, then they would have to be advertising the chair for the same price as every other authorized dealer. If not, they would be in risk of having their line taken away and they would no longer have access to Raynor chairs. To ensure that you get expert service and the full limited lifetime warranty always buy from an authorized dealer! The minimum advertised prices are shown below.


Ergohuman Warranty & Shipping

All Ergohuman series models should include a limited lifetime warranty and free shipping with full insurance when purchased brand new. Only authorized dealers for Ergohuman products are able to issue this warranty and shipping guarantee. All brand new chairs are shipped directly from Eurotech Seating within 24 hours of order processing. When Ergohuman chairs are purchased through non-dealers, the buyer loses out on a lifetime warranty, free shipping and shipping insurance through the manufacturer.