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Ergohuman Resources - Eco-Friendly Ergohuman Chair

Ergohuman - Environmental by Design

When Raynor designed the Ergohuman they did not only think about the user's comfort and the ergonomic adjustability of the chair. They, unlike many other office chair manufacturers, designed the chair with the health of our environment in their mind. The Ergohuman designers found a way to construct 97% of the chair with recyclable materials. Below you will find a list of all the recyclable parts used to make the high quality Ergohuman chair.

Recyclable Parts Used on the Raynor Ergohuman

  • Polypropylene Seat, Back and Headrest Frame
  • Polypropylene Back Frame Components
  • Polypropylene Arm Upright
  • Mesh Used on Seat and Backrest
  • Nylon Mechanism Cover
  • Nylon Casters
  • Aluminum Chair Base
  • Aluminum Back Support and Arm Frame

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