Sitting Disease Prevention Guide

 50 to 70 percent of people spend six or more hours sitting every day. Recent research shows this can affect your health and even be deadly. The health concerns of a sedentary lifestyle have been coined “Sitting Disease”. Our Premier Sitting Disease Prevention Guide will help you learn about this dangerous lifestyle, find out if you are at risk, and uncover ways to prevent its devastating effects.

What is “Sitting Disease”

Increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and even developing cancer are all health complications associated with this health epidemic caused by sedentary lifestyles. We’ve scoured the web for the best information about “Sitting Disease”; what it is, if you are at risk, and how it’s making headlines:


Health Sites:

Do You Have ‘Sitting Disease’?

The Price of Inactivity

Standing Up for Work Can Improve Your Health and Productivity

Sitting Causes Cancer Even if You Exercise

What Are the Risks of Sitting Too Much?

The New Health Epidemic: Sitting Disease

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Sitting Disease: The New Health Epidemic

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Five Really Scary Facts about Sitting Disease

Study Bolsters Link Between Heart Disease, Excessive Sitting

Sitting Disease: Why Your Teens Might Be At Risk

Do You Have “Sitting Disease?”

Sitting Disease

In the News:

Sitting Down Less Can Cut Diabetes Risk By up to 75% and Reduce Your Waist Size

How a Sedentary Lifestyle (Sitting Too Much Every Day) Can Seriously Endanger Your Health

Retirees: Sitting Disease May Be Killing You

Sitting Increases Disease Risk… and Exercise May Not Reduce It

Doctors Warn Sitting Disease Could Become the New Smoking

Sitting Disease: The Slow, Silent and Sedentary Killer of the American Workforce

The Health Hazards of Sitting

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Even for the Active, a Long Sit Shortens Life and Erodes Health

Sitting Disease is Killing Us – and Exercise Doesn’t Help

Sitting is the New Smoking- Even for Runners

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Tied To Your Desk? You Could Be At Risk For Developing Sitting Disease

4 Serious Health Issues from Sitting too Long & How to Avoid Them


Sitting Disease by the Numbers

Just How Dangerous Is Sitting All Day?

Why Your Job Could Be Slowly Killing You

Sitting So Much Should Scare You

Real Life Issues: The Sitting Disease Kills

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Preventing “Sitting Disease”

Now that you have learned more about sitting disease and the devastating effects it can have on your health, you are probably looking for ways to reduce your risk. Here are resources of the many ways you can prevent the life-threatening effects:

tieGeneral Office Tips

Just because you work in an office setting doesn’t mean you can’t be active. Adding more activity to your day can be as easy as standing at your desk while you make phone calls, holding walking meetings, or even taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Here are some other ways to ditch your chair and get up and moving during your workday:


Easy Tips:

Combat Sitting Disease and Improve Your Health

4 Ways to Combat Sitting Disease

4 Ways to Fight the “Sitting Disease” at Work

Rise Up Against Sitting Disease

How to Reduce Your Health Risk with Sitting Disease

Do You Have the Sitting Disease? Here’s What to Do

Stand Up or Your Brain Might Leave You

16 Ways to Avoid Sitting So Much During the Day

Legit Ways to Move More During Work—and Avoid Death By Sitting

Prevent Back Pain and Other Common Problems by Sitting Correctly

Health Bite: How To Prevent ‘Sitting Disease’

Do You Have Sitting Disease? Get Moving!

Workspace suggestions:

Fight the Sitting Disease

How Can Desk-Bound Office Employees Make Their Workdays More ‘Active?’

How Corporate Wellness Managers Can Rise Up Against Sitting Disease

Sedentary Lifestyle (Sitting Disease): How to Get Active

Avoid the Sitting Disease in 4 Easy Steps

Eight Tips for Fighting Back Against ‘Sitting Disease’

How to Avoid Sitting Too Much and Moving Too Little

5 Ways to Combat Sitting at Work


Reducing Occupational Sitting Time and Improving Worker Health: The Take-a-Stand Project, 2011

Do Take That Break

Take a Stand Against Sitting Disease

Mindful Ergonomic Practices Combat “Sitting Disease”and Improve How We Sit and/or Use a Standing Workstation

Work Toward 10,000 Steps

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workoutOffice Exercises

Recent studies suggest regular exercise outside of the office may not undo the health risks of sitting all day.  So, while it’s important to have a home or gym workout routine, you’ll want to get a little extra exertion while you are at the office too. There are exercises you can do right at your desk or around your work area that will make you feel better and even be more productive:


Around the Office:

Exercise at Your Desk

29 Exercises You Can Do At (Or Near) Your Desk

Deskercise! 33 Smart Ways to Exercise at Work

10 Office Exercises You Can Do Secretly

Desk Exercises Guide

At Your Desk:

The 10 Best Exercises To Do At Your Desk

7 Muscle-Building Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

Try These 5 Thigh Toning Exercises at Your Desk

5 Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk

How to Exercise While Sitting at Your Computer

The Office Workout

Ab Exercises to Do at Your Desk

6 Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk (Instead Of Just Sitting All Day)

This Graphic Shows Bunch of Desk-Based Exercises for the Office

10 Office-Friendly Exercises for the Everyday Desk Jockey

There Are Ways to Exercise at Your Desk

Exercises for the Desk-Bound

Deskercise! 20 Ways to Get Moving While You Work

Burn 150 Calories Without Leaving Your Desk

8 Desk-Friendly Workouts to Combat Sitting Disease


5 Unobtrusive Exercises You Can Do at Your Standing Desk


The 5-Minute Desk Workout

15-Minute Desk Workout

The Exercise You Need to Do if You Sit at a Desk All Day

Skip the Gym: Workouts You Can Do at Home, at Your Desk, in the Park

Here Are Some Simple Exercises to Do at Your Desk

Pilates Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

15 Incredibly Simple Desk Exercises You Can Do at Work

4 Desk Exercises to Stretch Out Your Body at Work

A Simple 10-Minute Workout for Desk Workers

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foodHealthy Office Foods

You spend hour upon hour in the office which leaves plenty of time for unhealthy eating. Stress and boredom throughout the workday can make our eating habits even worse. But instead of making a fast food run during the noon hour, heading to the vending machine, or indulging in the breakroom sweets, you can plan ahead and bring these healthy foods with you:


Healthy Eating Tips:

Eating Healthier at the Office

Healthy Foods to Eat at the Office

Heart-Healthy Eating

5 Foods Killing You at Work

Healthy Foods for Office Goers for Energy and Weight Loss

Lunch Ideas:

Easy & Healthy Office Lunch Ideas

10 Healthy Office Lunches That Take Less Than an Hour to Make (and there’s not a sandwich in sight!)

Healthy Lunch Recipes

5 Foods to Keep at Work for Healthy Last-Minute Lunches

Snack Ideas:

Healthy Office Snacks

Healthy Snacks to Stash In Your Desk

10 Healthy Office Snacks: The Anti-Vending Machine Guide

Ten Healthy Snacks To Eat At Your Desk

10 Healthy Snacks for the Office

Healthy Office Snacks: Making a Change

31 Healthy and Portable High-Protein Snacks

10 Healthy Office Snacks to Eat at Your Desk

5 Office-Friendly Snacks That Banish the Afternoon Slump

What Healthy Snacks Can I Bring to the Office?

17 Healthy Snacks For Work

6 Healthy Snacks That Are Perfect For Eating at Work

10 Best Healthy Snacks To Beat Those Office Cravings

10 Healthy Snacks for Work

24 Nutritious (and Tasty) Snacks

5 Healthy Workday Snack Foods

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toolsDIY Standing Desks

Not sure if standing desks are for you?  Do you know you want a standing desk but can’t afford the investment right now? Why not make your own, inexpensive standing desk?  DIY desks can cost as little or as much as you like, and can be as elaborate as your ambition allows. Check out these ideas for your own DIY office project:


Easy or No Assembly:

A Standing Desk for $22

Make Yourself a Standing Desk This Weekend

Get Up, Stand Up: 10 Do-It-Yourself Standing Desks

Infographic: Do Away With the Chair and Get Standing

Standing Desk Do It Yourself

How to Make the 5-Second DIY Standing Desk

DIY Standing Desk

An Easy Way To Live Longer

Introducing the DIY Standing Desk

Do-It-Yourself Standing Desk

Standing Desk DIY: Cubicle Edition

The Cheap DIY Standing Desk

Medium to High Difficulty:

Photographers Pipe Standing Desk

Steel Pipe Standing Desk

DIY Standing Desk

Building a Standing Desk

My Standing Desk for $50

The Easiest Way to Make an Industrial-Style Standing Desk

DIY Standing Desk

DIY Adjustable Height Stand-Up Desk Design

How My Dad and I Built an Adjustable Standing Desk/Workstation for Under $100

The $40 Standup Desk

DIY Adjustable Stand Up Desk (for under $175)

How to Build a DIY Standing Desk for Cheap

DIY Standing Desk

DIY Butcher Block/Pipe Table

How to Build a Great Standing Desk for Under $50

Various Difficulty Levels:

11 Attractive Standing Desks You Can Actually Afford

8 Inexpensive DIY Standing Desks You Can Make Yourself

10 DIY Standing Desks Built With Pipe and Kee Klamp

6 DIY Standing Desk Projects to Keep You Healthy While You Work


DIY Adjustable Standing Desk for Under $25

DIY Sitting/Standing Desk

DIY Adjustable Standing Desk

Stand Up Work Style

DIY Standing Desk Plans & Ideas

Spend 20 Bucks, Build Yourself an Adjustable Standing Desk in 20 Minutes

DIY Standing Desk and Shelf


Desk Wrecks: The Top 7 DIY Standing Desk Fails

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deskHealthy Investments

Standing Desks

Stand up for your health to stave off sitting disease, increase productivity and improve your posture.  Studies have shown standing desks can even improve the test scores and health of students. Read all about their benefits and how these adjustable height desks can easily help you add some movement into your day:



Ditch Your Office Chair for a New ‘Standing Desk’

Standing Desk Dilemma: Too Much Time on Your Feet?

Accessories: Now That You Can Surf at Your Desk, Standing Is So Passé

How to Get Your Team to Join the Standing-Desk Revolution

What You Should Know Before Using a Standing Desk

The Benefits of a Standing Desk

Get Up, Stand Up, For Your Life: Can Standing Desks Fight Sitting Disease?

7 Ways to Get Fit at Your Desk

New Study Highlights Benefits of Standing While You Work

Calorie Burner: How Much Better is Standing up than Sitting?

Standing Desks Are on the Rise


Should Your Kids’ School Have Standing Desks? These CrossFitters Think So

Research: Standing Desks Keep Students Better Tuned In

California Elementary School Brings in Standing Desks Amid Concern About Students’ Sedentary Lifestyles

Elementary School Students Learn Better at Standing Desks, Study Concludes

Want Kids to Pay Attention in Class? Give Them Standing Desks

Famous Users:

Donald Rumsfeld, A Real Stand-Up Guy

7 Productivity Tips From Ernest Hemingway

What 11 Successful People Do Before Going To Bed


Who Made That Standing Desk?

Tall Desk

Become a Stand-Up Guy: The History, Benefits, and Use of Standing Desks


I Switched to a Standing Desk, So Now You Should Too

Health Experts Recommend Standing Up At Desk, Leaving Office, Never Coming Back


Sitting Is Bad for You. So I Stopped. For a Whole Month

Why I Killed My Standing Desk

I Tried a Standing Desk for a Day & Here’s What Happened

My Year at a Standing Desk and Why I’ll Never Go Back

What I Learned From Using a Standing Desk

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Treadmill Desks

If you’re already standing at your office desk, why not add some walking to the mix? Treadmill desks pair standing desks with a treadmill base to allow you to walk while you work; the goal is to reduce the ill effects caused by sitting too much. Find out about the benefits and fun you can experience by working out at work:



Can You Move it and Work it on a Treadmill Desk?

Implications for Treadmill Desks

The Walking Alive

New Study: Treadmill Desks Boost Productivity

Sure, Use A Treadmill Desk — But You Still Need To Exercise

Treadmill Desks Aren’t Just Healthier, They’ll Also Boost Your Work Performance

How to Approach Your Boss About a Treadmill Desk

Treadmill Desk Makes You Smarter, Says Study

Could Working at a Treadmill Desk Make You Smarter?

Treadmill Desks Helping City Workers Shed Pounds

2 Santa Clara County Agencies Add Treadmill Desks to Dispatch Centers

Treadmill Desks Now Part of the Classroom for Middle School Students

Walk While You Work

Treadmill Desks: A Standing Desk Movement-The History and Benefits

Breaking a Sweat at Work: Study Probes use of Treadmill Desks

Famous Users:

Staying Healthy in 2013 with Al Roker

Jimmy Kimmel’s Treadmill Desk

Victoria Beckham’s Treadmill Desk Is Pure Genius

Dairy Queen Gives Its Workers Treadmill Desks


My Life With a Treadmill Desk — E-mail and Browsing at 2 mph

The Truth About ‘Working’ On A Treadmill Desk

Novelist Neal Stephenson Describes Spending 416 Days at a Treadmill Desk

Finding the Right Pace on a Treadmill Desk

I Was Quite Surprised by Some Things on this Lifespan Treadmill Desk

Better Tread Than Dead

Working Out While at Work on the Treadmill Desk

Why Every Office Should Switch To Walking Desks

Learning to Walk Again: My Month Spent on a Treadmill Desk

What It’s Really Like to Work at a Treadmill Desk

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