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Mayline Office Furniture

Mayline Office Furniture

Originally started as the Engineering Supply Company in 1939, Mayline Office Furniture has moved from an engineering and design-centric company to one of the top furniture companies, as it provides attractive, ergonomic furniture to companies in a variety of fields. While still maintaining an impressive reputation for manual drawing and large format filing, Mayline has grown their company to provide an impressive number of attractive, high-quality pieces of office furniture that are sure to look great in any office environment.

Having the right tools for the job is important in any industry, and the same can be said of furniture. Without the right furniture available in the right dimensions, workers may find it difficult to execute their work-related tasks effectively and on time. Fortunately, Mayline builds its products with the users' needs in mind, producing everything from adjustable-height desks to comfortable, supportive leather sofas to elegant and sophisticated leather office chairs that are sure to look great in executive offices and conference rooms alike.

In addition to these incredibly versatile pieces, Beyond the Office Door is proud to be able to offer some of Mayline's more specific products tailored towards individuals in particular fields, like adjustable height drafting stools and desks with incredible amounts of usable surface space. Additionally, Mayline's products come with a number of customizable design elements, such as various wood stain options, upholstery choices, and left- or right-oriented desk configurations, ensuring that the product you purchase will both look great and function perfectly in your office, regardless of your existing layout.


Mayline Authorized Dealer

Mayline Group
619 Commerce Street
PO Box 728
Sheboygan, WI 53082-0728
Phone: 800-822-8037

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