KFI Seating

Finding the right seating for your office can be a challenge, but with the variety of options available from KFI Seating through Beyond the Office Door, you are sure to be able to find chairs and seating options that are perfect for you, both in style and function. From padded guest chairs to stackable, temporary seating options, to multi-seat benches, KFI Seating is ready to provide for all of your office's needs.

Seating plays an essential role in any office environment, and far too often, companies overlook important rooms like reception areas, waiting rooms, and break rooms, failing to provide adequate and high-quality seating options for the employees and guests who make use of these areas. While outfitting your office with comfortable, sturdy desk chairs is essential for your company's workers, making sure that guests and potential customers are able to sit in comfort while waiting in your office also sends an important message about your company.

With the impressive seating options available from KFI Seating, you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort, as these simple yet classical designs can blend in seamlessly with any existing office's d├ęcor. Additionally, with a variety of fabric options available for upholstered chairs, you can make sure that your new seating options match the existing color scheme in your office. Finally, with KFI's impressive limited warranty, you can feel confident that you have purchased a product that is built to last.