Function and appearance are not the only factors that should be considered when purchasing new office furniture, and increasingly, employers are looking to encourage both productivity and good health in their employees by purchasing ergonomic or posture-conscious furniture pieces. That is why at Beyond the Office Door, we are pleased to offer customers products made by Health Postures.

When working long hours at the same workspace, it is easy for workers to adopt unhealthy postures and practices that compromise their overall health and safety. However, by utilizing the adjustable work station products available from Health Postures, you can ensure that your employees stay safe and comfortable while working. Adjustable height work stations allow users to customize the height of computer monitors, in addition to the positioning of computer keywords and mouse pads, allowing everything to be positioned optimally. Not only can this help to reduce the likelihood of workers developing a number of physical conditions related to improper positioning, but it can also help to encourage productivity as your workers are able to focus more on their work and less on repositioning themselves.

Additionally, many of the adjustable-height products available from Health Postures allow workers to transform their existing workspaces into standing workspaces, which provides for numerous physical and cardiovascular benefits, without having to invest in completely new desks and workspaces. And, with easy-to-use controls, workers can seamlessly transition from standing to sitting, or vice versa, whenever they desire a change in their working conditions.  Don't take chances with your employees' well-being by considering the incredibly beneficial office products provided by Health Postures.

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