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L Shaped Desk and L Shaped Computer Desks

Style with extra storage

An L shaped desk is essentially two desk surfaces connected together at a 90-degree angle to form a single unit. An l computer shaped desk can be a good choice for those who need more desk surface area. Instead of having to fit all of your office equipment and supplies within a small area, an l shaped office desk gives you ample room to spread out and organize your materials across a larger space.

Product ID : OTG-SL44
Sale Price: $2,139.99
Product ID : OTG-SL13
Sale Price: $955.99
Product ID : OTG-SL43
Sale Price: $1,139.99
Product ID : BBF-SRC001
Sale Price: $717.24
Product ID : BF-120852-17
Sale Price: $1,068.76
Product ID : BF-110852-98
Sale Price: $1,070.23
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