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Bench Seating

When you have a busy office that sees a multitude of visitors every day, you do not want to run out of lobby seating options. Fortunately, bench seating is a cost-effective way to provide space for multiple people. Depending on the décor of your reception area space, you might choose more modern round benches, or you could opt for a traditional straight bench for maximum space efficiency. Some of our stylish benches even come with backs, giving them the feel of a sofa at a much lower price. These different options are also available in numerous fabrics, leathers, and colors, making it easy to coordinate an upholstered bench with your office’s existing color scheme.

Product ID : LS-S1005B7
Sale Price: $281.88
Product ID : LS-L4001B5
Sale Price: $645.30
Product ID : LS-B1005B7
Sale Price: $335.88