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Alera Office Furniture

Alera takes the selection of premium materials and implementation of high-quality building techniques very seriously, leading to the creation of extremely durable and attractive office products. Available through Beyond the Office Door at competitive prices that can be found in few other places, Alera’s office furnishings are hard to beat. With a range of seating and desk items available, furnishing your office is a simple matter of choosing an Alera chair of your preference and looking to any of the complementary styles of desks available.

The ideal combination of luxury and utility is the defining aspect of Alera’s designs. Through the effective use of quality construction techniques and durable yet comfortable materials, the company has created a great selection of high-end office chairs, couches, and desks at affordable price points. Classic touches including tufted leather and rich mahogany accents occupy one end of the style spectrum, while more modern designs are characterized by sleek black leather upholstery matched with elegant, linear chrome frames.

All of Alera’s office furniture is sold with the full confidence of the manufacturer, and most pieces boast an impressive five-year limited warranty, ensuring that your office furniture will serve you faithfully for years to come. Lastly, as an environmentally conscious manufacturer, extended efforts have been made by Alera to use recycled materials in each of the tables, couches, and chairs available, with the majority of the selections constructed of nearly 30% recycled material.

Alera Authorized Dealer

USI Corporate Headquarters
One Parkway North Blvd.
Deerfield, IL 60015
Phone: 847-627-7000